Dec 1, 2011

The Visiters

The other day I was hard at work cranking out some words for my novel when a knock came to the door. Kristy was busy in the kitchen and Logan was playing on the Wii. Logan answered the door and I could hear a couple of girls. Now this is not out of the ordinary, Kristy works with the Young Women so I just expected it to be them. But then I heard the voices again and they sounded very young.

I peered around the corner and saw two of our neighbor girls Payton (age 7) and Carissa (age 6) carrying a box of fingernail polish. They asked if they could paint Kristy's nails. So Kristy stopped whatever she was doing and they all sat down. Kristy chose purple and they painted one hand purple but then Carissa chose yellow for the other hand.

They would have painted Logan's too if he would have let them. I thought it was way cute for them to come and want to serve.

SLACKER UPDATE: I also forgot about last Sunday's games. Oh well, I missed a week last year too.
Philadelphia at Seattle:
While I think the Eagles are more talented, I also think that they are hurting both physically and mentally more.  Because of this and because the Seahawks are home, I am taking them.
Winner: Seattle Seahawks

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