Dec 31, 2010

Return of the Slacker!

It has been 3 days since I last blogged.


I have a ton of excuses and I have a ton of justifications (which you will hear later on in this blog) but it all comes down to one thing. I am a slacker. And when I slack, I slack big time!

But it has been a couple of busy days. Tuesday we went to my dad's to learn how to make some Greek food; most importantly how to make Greek Baklava. Baklava is a Greek pastry and it is wonderful. It is full of nuts and honey and butter and light filo pastry. Most of the times when you find it in stores or at restaurants, the Baklava is dry. My dad (and the rest of the Platis Clan) like it wet, dripping with butter and honey.

We were supposed to meet at my dad's house at 9:00 in the morning and we were running just a little late. My dad had asked if we stopped by the store to get some juice. We all went to the store and has I was walking back to the car I had this sinking ill feeling. I couldn't feel my keys. I searched all over and I didn't have them with me. Kristy found them. They were in the car, still in the ignition.

I cannot remember the last time I did this. We don't have a cell phone and we couldn't remember my dad's or sister's phone number. So we walked the rest of the way to my dad's home. Which took us an extra 30-45 minutes. It was a lot longer than I thought it was. But we finally arrived and my sister took me back to our apartment and we got my spare set of keys. UGH! But the day got better as we had breakfast and made some excellent Baklava. Towards the end I could feel my chest tightening up and I could feel an asthma attack coming on. We came home and I took some medication and went to bed.

The next day I was feeling a little better and we headed over to my dad's once again for a Christmas party. We ate a ton of pizza and a ton of treats and I found a new obsession. ROCK BAND!

I have never played any of the Guitar Hero type of games but Nathan and Jillian invited me to join the band so I became the drummer. And I am addicted. We got my sister to come downstairs and sing some songs and that broke the ice and we all took turns singing. I gotta get Beatles Rock Band now!

But as the evening progressed, I could feel my chest tightening up again. I think there was something at my dad's that I was having an allergic reaction to that was setting off my asthma. We came home through a huge snowstorm and made it home. And I watched some TV (SCTV Classics) and went to bed.

The next day (the 30th) was my wedding anniversary. 13 YEARS!


Dec 27, 2010

Christmas: The Aftermath

I like Christmas, don't get me wrong but sometimes I wish I had a more simple Christmas. Maybe that will be a goal in the future, to have a Christmas where I help out at a soup kitchen or something like that. It is not like I had a crappy Christmas because I didn't. I had a very nice, relaxing and pleasant Christmas. I just think I want to do something different. Maybe I just need to spend Christmas away from home sometime. Away from all the commercialism, away from all the drama that somehow only rears its head around the holidays, away from the stress that the holiday season can bring.


Christmas Eve we had my mom over for a very nice evening. We had cheese fondue with meatballs and stuffed mushrooms. We played games until it was time for Logan to go to bed. But before he went to bed he was allowed to open a gift and he was so happy that he got a cool pair of Yoda feet slippers.

After we put a very excited Logan to bed, I asked my wife if she checked our sh*tters. I don't want them to be full during the holidays. As you can tell, Kristy and I stayed up late and got everything ready for the next day and watched Christmas Vacation; as is our tradition.

The next day was very relaxing. We didn't do a darn thing but play around and eat heaps of candy. Logan woke up at 6:00 in the morning but stayed in his room until 8:00 and then came in and got us. We came downstairs and then opened our gifts. As usual Logan cleaned up but the rest of us didn't do so shabby. I got some fun gifts, I got a couple of graphic novels and some soda to drink while reading them. Santa gave me a two-liter of Vernon's Ginger Ale and now I have a new favorite soda. Ever since I tried a home brewed Ginger Ale, I have been searching for a Ginger Ale that tasted like it. Vernon's is the closest.

Aren't those slippers cool?

Santa gave us all Aggie shirts! Logan was really excited even though this pic doesn't show it.

Is he acting?

The traditional photo. Christmas 2010.

The rest of the day we snacked and ate our fondue leftovers and played games. It was nice to spend the day with my family and just relax and have fun.

Dec 24, 2010

Upon Further Review: Week 16

How about them Jets?  I am ashamed with myself that I didn't pick them and football karma struck again! There were some pretty good games last week and I am sure that everything is hyped up again this week as the playoffs begin in just a few weeks. Which teams will show some gumption and secure a playoff spot? I didn't do too bad last week, if I would have picked the Jets it would have been better. But I did score 10/16 which isn't so bad.

Dallas at Arizona:
The Cards disappointed me to the level of the 49ers. Meaning I will never pick the Cardinals and the 49ers again this season.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

New England at Buffalo:
I don't think the Bills will allow the Patriots to push them around and it will be a much closer game than the Pats will want. But it is the Pats and it is Tom Brady.
Winner: New England Patriots

NY Jets at Chicago:
The Jets play better away from New York and I am still not convinced that the Bears are championship material. I should pick the Bears since karma will strike and the Jets will win. But I don't want to tempt karma twice.
Winner: New York Jets

Baltimore at Cleveland:
The Ravens need to be careful not to look past the Browns this week. This is a classic trap game but I don't smell an upset here.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Tennessee at Kansas City:
The Chiefs can secure a playoff spot and division crown if they win this game and the Raiders and Chargers lose. This is another trap game that the Chiefs need to be careful not to drop. But I am not smelling an upset here either and the Chiefs are super at home.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

San Francisco at St. Louis:
Hmmmm... 49ers?
Winner: St. Louis Rams

Detroit at Miami:
The Lions won a close game last week and the Dolphins laid an egg. Miami has been horrible at home and the Lions finally broke their woeful road losing record. I like the way this is trending.
Winner: Detriot Lions

Washington at Jacksonville:
I really hate the way Washington has treated QB Donovan McNabb. And I really like the way the Jaguars have been playing this season.
Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars

Indianapolis at Oakland:
Ooo this could be a bad game for the Colts. The Raiders like to run and they certainly can and they are playing a very soft Colt defense. But this is Peyton Manning with playoffs on the line. But this is at Oakland, a rough place to get a win. I really want to call an upset here.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Houston at Denver:
The last time I took the Broncos they lost. But the last time I took the Texans, they lost. How about I don't pick this game?
Winner: Denver Broncos (Merry Christmas Case Family!)

San Diego at Cincinnati:
The Bengals actually won a game! I don't think that streak will continue here. But if the weather is bad, that could spell doom for the Chargers. Still....
Winner: San Diego Chargers

NY Giants at Green Bay:
The Packers really showed me something last week against the Pats. The Giants folded faster than Superman on laundry day. I think the Packers will come out of their loss better than the G-Men.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Seattle at Tampa Bay:
Good teams rebound from tough losses and I am curious to see how the Bucs react from being humbled by the Lions.
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Minnesota at Philadelphia:
Philly is on a roll and the Vikings are on a free fall. And they chose this game as the Sunday Night Flex?
Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

Monday Night
New Orleans at Atlanta:
The Saints need this game badly and the Falcons can put the Superbowl Champion out to pasture. Now this will be a good game and it will be nice for the Falcons get some national exposure. I am smelling that upset...
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Dec 23, 2010

The Day After

Yesterday was a long but good day. We celebrated Logan's 8th birthday. Kristy hung birthday streamers throughout the house and all over his door so when he woke up and came out of his room, he was greeted by a bunch of streamers in the face.

He wanted crepes for breakfast which Kristy woke up early in the morning to make. He then opened his gifts from mom and I and then we waited for his friends to come over for a birthday party. They played games and ate cake and ice cream.

After the party I had to run out and do some last minute shopping and then I came home and treated everyone to dinner at Carl's Jr. Then we waited for the rest of the family to come over and wish Logan a happy birthday. It was a very nice evening but I was worn out by the end.

And we have one NFL game tonight that I need to make my pick and luckily this will be the easiest pick this season.

Carolina at Pittsburgh:
If it was any other team aside from the Panthers, I would think twice about picking them. Especially since the Steelers are playing on a short week and after a demoralizing loss. But it is the Panthers.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Dec 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Logan!

Logan turned the big 8 today!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

I'll blog about his birthday shenanigans tomorrow after I collect some pictures and after his birthday party.

Speaking of Logan, the other night Kristy and I were putting him to bed and I mentioned that we should have Family Home Evening on Wednesday since we missed it on Monday. Logan agreed and was excited that we would still have it and as he was lying down on his bed, he suggested that we should invite some people over for it. Normally this means he wants to invite Grandma Platis over which Kristy and I have no problem with.

But he surprised us both when he said he would like to invite the the girls that babysat him a few weeks ago. Kristy and I looked at each other in surprise and thought that may not be a bad idea. Unfortunately the girls couldn't make it last week so we invited them last Sunday to come over. And they came over last night. I thought it was quite cute that Logan would want the girls to come over.

We had a short lesson/story about Christmas and then we headed into the kitchen to make some cookies for the families of the girls and for those families that I home teach.

So we split into teams and started making some cookies. The girls started on the Snowball cookies.

Logan made his usual cake mix cookies while I was chopping up some pecans.

Mom was in charge of making the very yummy icing.

I love the way Snowball cookies smell when they are in the oven.

It was nice of the girls to come over. I'm sure Kristy liked it since she is always outnumbered in this house.

It was a nice evening and I am glad that the girls were excited to come over when Kristy and Logan invited them. I have said this many times before, but I am very thankful for the neighborhood and ward we live in. It is awesome to have such great examples and role models for Logan.

Dec 21, 2010

First Day of Winter

How could it be the first official day of winter? Haven't I already frozen my tush off?

I like winter. I think it is one of my favorite seasons but I think I only like winter until the beginning of January. Once the holiday season is over, I am ready for winter to be over.

I like cold nights. I love snuggling into a big blanket and making a burrito out of myself. I love feeling the cold air on my face. But enough is enough. I have had winter for two months already. I am wanting to be done.

But I also love the way the snow sticks to the trees after a wet snowstorm.

So I go outside to take the garbage out and I see this buck standing in my neighbor's driveway. And then I saw the MUCH larger one standing behind it.

It wouldn't let me see its face.

I snuck up to the small one and it ran.

It's amazing how good they can blend in with the background. Both of them are in there!

Dec 20, 2010

The Breinholt Family Christmas Party

Every year, the weekend before Christmas the Breinholt family gathers for our annual Christmas party.

Merry Christmas!

And we almost didn't make it. It was very snowy and treacherous driving through the canyon but we made it and we even made it on time!

One of the things that I enjoy the most is watching all the cousins play and open the gifts from each other. Seeing their eyes light up when they rip the wrapping paper off and seeing how happy they are receiving a small but very thoughtful gift. It means much more to them that the gift was given to them from their cousin.

When the family was smaller, I used to participate in the gift exchange and I was surprised at the gifts that I got. Each one was extremely thoughtful, I remember getting a Green Bay Packer CD, a Jets crystal, a case of Mountain Dew Livewire, a bunch of Star Wars Pez Dispensers, Pictionary, a Princess Leia action figure from some of the past Christmas parties. I know I got many other things that I cannot think of from the top of my head. It is not the gift itself that made me happy, it was the thought behind it.

I thought it was so awesome that Cassie gathered all the cousins together in the front room.

Logan had Kellie this year and he made a pair of earrings and bracelet for her. She was so excited to get it. She went over to Logan to have him help her put the bracelet on. Her older sister Cassie told her that she should go and hug Logan and Kristy for giving her such a special gift. Cassie must still have some Anti-Matt Agenda still going. I snagged a hug from Kellie anyway.

Logan was quite happy with his gift. He got a science kit.

See how happy everyone is? You can tell that Cassie and Kellie are sisters. They giggle the same way.

I know that this Christmas party was a little more stressful than some of the past ones. I hope that I was not a cause for this stress. If I was, if I offended anyone, please forgive me. I apologize, it was definitely not my intent to offend anyone.

Thanks to Mom and Dad for hosting the party and for the gifts we received. I will make I put them all to good use!

Dec 17, 2010

Football Family Rivalry

Nothing like sports to stir up a wide variety of emotions. My family is into sports and I was very happy to hear that Kristy's little brother Steven liked football. At least I had someone in the family that I could talk football with even though he was only thirteen at the time.

I have to hand it to Steve. He is a Detroit Lions fan. I thought I had problems and issues being a Jets fan. At least I had another fan to commiserate with. I was used to losing (when I married into the family, my team was coming off a 1-15 season) and Steven's team had the great Barry Sanders.

And then one Sunday afternoon, things changed for both of us forever.

I was down in West Jordan staying over with Kristy just a week or so before we were married. I had to go to church with the family since their Bishop wanted to speak to me. After a quick visit, I ran back to Kristy's house to catch the last week of the NFL season. Steven's Lions were facing my New York Jets with the playoffs riding on the line. Win and you are in, lose and you go home.

During church I took the opportunity to pass this note to Steven:

And he of course sent me one back.

Ever since that day, I have carried these notes with me. We drew those notes back on Sunday, December 20th, 1997. Unfortunately the Lions intercepted the ball in the end zone and the Jets went on to lose that game. Barry Sanders ran for over 2,000 yards in a season that game. So Steven won that round.

But then I present this:

I may have the legacy of Rich Kotite with the Jets (only one season) but Steven has had to endure this man for eight long, sufferable years.

This blog is dedicated to my great brother-in-law Steve. He is a TRUE Lions fan.

Dec 16, 2010

Upon Further Review: Week 15

I admit that I am a different person when my team loses. Now that the Jets have lost two division games against two of my most hated teams, I am in a funk. It must be affecting my ability to pick games since I scored a paltry 9/16.

How eerie is this:

San Francisco at San Diego:
I really don't want to pick this game. The 49ers are killing me this season. I stand by my stance of never picking the 49ers again.
Winner: San Diego Chargers

Cleveland at Cincinnati:
One team has the talent, one team has the fight. Unfortunately they both lost last week. Some one has to win this one right?
Winner: Cincinnati Bengals (barely)

Washington at Dallas:
Cowboys versus Indians is always an entertaining game. Both teams are out of the playoffs but will treat this game as their Superbowl.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Houston at Tennessee:
I went for Baltimore last Monday night but I couldn't help but cheer for the Texans as they made one heck of a comeback to send the game into overtime only to lose the game. That type of loss could hang around for the rest of the season. We'll see if the Texans have some character.
Winner: Houston Texans

Jacksonville at Indianapolis:
If the Jags win, they take the division! I just don't see how Peyton Manning will allow that. I will be rooting for the Jags but I think the Colts will steal it away.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Kansas City at St. Louis:
The battle for Missouri! The Rams have the NFC West title in their sights, the Chiefs need to overcome a horrible loss to the Chargers.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Buffalo at Miami:
The Dolphins have a small window (a window that the Jets helped open) of snagging a playoff spot but they have to overcome a tough Bills team. I think I smell an upset...
Winner: Buffalo Bills

Detroit at Tampa Bay:
The Lions won a huge game last week against the Packers. I don't see them winning two games in a row, especially to a good Bucs team that is looking to secure a playoff spot on there own.
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Arizona at Carolina:
The Cards are another team that historically disappoint. I pick them, they lose. I don't pick them and then they win. The Cards are not out of it yet. That is until I pick them to win.
Winner: Arizona Cardinals

New Orleans at Baltimore:
The Ravens defense is still good, just not great and they will have its hands full with Drew Brees and the high flying Saints. This will be a real test for the Ravens. It will be cold in Baltimore which will hurt the Saints but not enough for them to lose.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Philadelphia at NY Giants:
This will be a tough game will the NFC East Division on the line. The Eagles won the earlier game and the Giants look to be peaking at the right time. I think I am now convinced that the Giants are a real team. They will even the odds against the Eagles.
Winner: New York Giants

Atlanta at Seattle:
This could be a trap game for the Falcons. Could is the key word here.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

NY Jets at Pittsburgh:
I am not looking forward to this game. I am not a Steelers fan at all (I do respect them) and I will hate losing to them. Guess I should avoid watching the game.
Winner: *sigh* Pittsburgh Steelers

Denver at Oakland:
Remember that drumming the Broncos took from the Raiders earlier this season? Remember how I picked the Broncos last week? I like to remember the drumming and this game will remind me of it.
Winner: Oakland Raiders

Green Bay at New England:
QB Aaron Rodgers took the wrong time for his concussion vacation. Green Bay is one of the few teams that can play in any element but they really rely on Rodgers. If he doesn't play, the Pack are in a heap of trouble. And I don't think that the Patriots have trap games either.
Winner: New England Patriots

Monday Night
Chicago at Minnesota:
Favre could play this week. We all saw how the Vikings play without him too. And it will be outside and not in a cozy dome. The Bears need to win this game to solidify the NFC Norris Division.
Winner: Chicago Bears

Dec 14, 2010

Logan and the Choir of Angels

Every year our ward has an annual Christmas Party. And every year the Primary children are invited to re-enact the Christmas Story. This is one of my favorite holiday activities, it is a lot of fun to hear these dear children sing and act and they do such a good job.

Last year I was asked to help out the kids in the back get ready and help them out during the program. Unfortunately I am no longer in the Primary and so I instead of helping, I got to watch it firsthand. So after a feast of food and sitting with some very funny youth, we were all treated to a neat Christmas program.

The kids as always did a great job. This year Logan was invited to sing in the main Angel's Choir and he took it quite seriously. He came home from church last Sunday and wanted to practice his song so he could be ready for tonight.

He sang so loud that I could actually hear him.

I didn't know that a rabbit was there at the birth of Jesus.

Some of the younger kids got to be the animals in the stable.

Logan actually sat on Santa's lap this year. Maybe it was because he recognized who it was.

I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again. But my family and I are very blessed to live in this ward. The people are so nice and caring. It was a treat to watch "Santa" tease all the kids. 

Dec 13, 2010

Back in the Field

Last Friday night I went out with the missionaries. We were supposed to have dinner at my house with the family and then I was going out with them for the rest of the evening on a split with one of the missionaries.

Now I am not a fan of feeding the missionaries. Let me clarify this, I don't mind having them over for dinner but I will do it under my circumstances and under my invitation. I don't like being asked or having to sign up to feed the missionaries as a requirement. I had to work like a dog to get dinner appointments when I was on my mission. It was not handed to me on a golden platter like the missionaries here get.

But I swallowed my pride and had them come over. The funny thing is that no one told them that they were supposed to come over for dinner. All they knew is that I was going to go out with them later in the evening. So they were late and we ended up not having to feed them. So I guess I got my way. I made a few phone calls and they finally came over. And then I got a call from out of the blue. I got a phone call from my friend Damond! It was great to catch up with him. He really motivated me and inspired me to reach out to people more and get back into touch with those people that have meant a lot to me and my family. I really need to do that.

Here is Damond and I at the MTC the night before I left to New York

Afterwards I took off with Elder Brown and we went out and did some missionary work. Walking around and looking up people took me back to when I served an LDS mission. I forgot how fun and hard it was. I was beat by the time I was finished around 9:00 at night. We didn't get to teach any lessons, we were "sacked" (we called them jukes on my mission) most of the time. It felt good to dip my feet back into the missionary pool. It makes me thankful of the time I served and it makes me thankful for all those that are serving. I wouldn't mind going out with them again.

Dec 11, 2010

Saturday Night Date Night

Kristy and I don't get out very much. I am a homebody, I like being at home and I could stay here for days without leaving. So we never have much need for babysitters since we never leave. Seriously. Almost all of my family begs us to watch Logan while we go out.

Tonight we were invited to a friends home for a small party (so it is not really a date night but it was a party without kids so I am counting it). We thought about asking my mom to babysit but it was her birthday and we didn't want her to come down to Logan twice. So we thought about asking one of the Young Women to come over. So we talked to Kara, one of the Young Women that lives across the street and she said she was more than happy to come over. Logan and her were going to bake cookies here. Kara arrived and she asked if she could take him over to her house and we had no problem with it. So Kristy and I left knowing that Logan would have a great time over at her house.

A few hours later we went and picked him up. I was glad to see that Kara's friend Taylor was there as well. And I was happy to find out that some of the other neighborhood kids came over and played too. They are such cute girls, I know that not only would Logan have a great time but he would be well taken care of.

The girls were excited that Logan wanted to bake cookies with him. That son of mine is going to get a TON of cookies if he keeps this up when he gets a bit older.

They made Red Velvet cookies and played the whole time. Kristy and I stayed for a few minutes to chat with the girls and before we left they gave us this card.

I hope they are okay with me sharing it but I just had too. First of all, I am very glad that these girls thought my son was sweet, cute and helpful. But I am also happy that these girls took the time to make a card and say such sweet things.  Once again these girls are such an example to me. The funny thing is that I will never be able to top them. No matter what I and my family do for them, they will always do something for my family and I back that I can never repay. I wish I had a picture that I could share here as well so you can put a name to a person. I also think that it is funny that Kristy is now nicknamed Sister Coca Cola.

I am very blessed to be living here in this neighborhood. I am extremely blessed to have such wonderful people help and befriend my family and I. These two girls are such great examples to me and I look up to them quite a bit.

Dec 10, 2010

The Confessional: Mariah Carey and the Mission

Since I no longer blog on Sundays, I couldn't have a Sunday Confessional on a Friday. So instead of waiting till Sunday to blog I decided to rename my Sunday Confessional blog to just The Confessional.

I have been thinking a lot about Christmas lately. Gee, I wonder why? But I was thinking of past Christmas seasons and I remembered what it was like to have Christmas while serving on my mission. Christmas in New York was magical. It seemed like the Christmas season even penetrated the people of New York. People were friendlier, there was definitely a good feeling that overcame the city. There was a lot of lights, there was a lot of decorations. The city was absolutely gorgeous when the snow would come and blanket the city. I loved Christmas in New York. Sure, I was a little homesick and I missed being around my family but the city takes care of their own. And I was happy to be counted among them.

My second Christmas in the field was the best one. I was serving in the Rego Park area and my companion was Elder Powell. My best friend in the mission field. We served in a nice area and we knew a lot of fantastic people, people that I still think about all the time.

Now I also love Christmas music. I love all Christmas music in all of its forms. Elder Powell and I wanted to get some Christmas music to play at the apartment so we stopped by a music store and bought some CDs. And I found a CD that I really wanted.

I still have this CD

Now I like Mariah Carey. I don't care for her new stuff, I really liked her first and older material. You know when she was pretty and nice. Not when she went crazy and went thuggy. Her Christmas music was absolutely fun to listen to, her rendition of O Holy Night is still one of my all-time favorite covers of that song. We listened to that CD every chance we could.

And then I found out from my friend John that she was giving a free concert downtown.
Mariah Carey is giving a free concert at Saint Patrick's Cathedral. John invited us to go if we wanted to and we would have really good seats because of his connections and maybe even get to meet her. I really pondered this, when would I get another chance like this? The only bad part is that Saint Patrick's is located in Manhattan and out of our mission. If it was just out of our area, I wouldn't even think twice about it, I would go. But it is out of our whole mission and that could lead to trouble. The last thing that I would want to happen is something to go wrong while we were out of the mission boundaries. President Bailey would be so ticked! But our Branch Christmas Party is the same night too and I didn't want to miss that either. But Mariah Carey! Powell and I decided it would be best if we just went to the Branch Christmas Party instead. I think I would rather want to regret missing Mariah than regret being kicked out of the mission or something drastic as that! On the other hand I would love to have seen President Bailey's face when he found out.

We ended up taking John to the Branch Christmas Party with us. It was a fun evening and I am glad we made the decision to go to this instead of seeing Mariah Carey.
So I almost snuck out of the mission to go see Mariah Carey. A small part of me wishes that I did it anyway. Like I said, it was a chance in a million to go see her and perhaps even meet her. And a small part of me wanted to do it to spite my mission president. We did not see eye-to-eye on a great many things. Luckily wiser heads prevailed and I went to the party instead.

And we spent Christmas at John's house.

Dec 9, 2010

Upon Further Review: Week 14

Those Raiders are going to be the death of me. They won another game that I did not pick. At least the 49ers are steady. I scored 10/16 last week, not too bad but not spectacular either. I am still recovering from that total spanking the Jets received last Monday night. And I don't want to talk about it.

Indianapolis at Tennessee:
The Colts are in trouble. I cannot remember when the Colts had a record like this. The Titans are in a good position to play the role of the spoiler by kicking the Colts out of the playoff picture for good. They will play tough but I cannot see the Colts losing a third game in a row.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Cleveland at Buffalo:
This actually could be a good game to catch. Both teams are fighting hard but the Browns seem to just have a way to win games.
Winner: Cleveland Browns

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh:
I would love to see nothing more than the Steelers to lose. But they are playing the Bengals.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Green Bay at Detroit:
I am sure glad that I drafted QB Aaron Rodgers for one of my fantasy teams. I feel bad for the Lions because I think the Packers are going to come out on fire.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

NY Giants at Minnesota:
This could have been an intriguing game. The Vikings could also play the role of the spoiler for the Giants but the Giants defense could give the Vikings fits. And will Favre play and will that really matter? I could see this one go either way and I am just not convinced that the Giants are one of the best teams.
Winner: Minnesota Vikings

Tampa Bay at Washington:
The Redskins have the worst defense in the league. The Bucs are playing good and they should roll over the Redskins but it is cold up there in DC. Still, talent should win over weather.
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Atlanta at Carolina:
This is a trap game for the Falcons but if the Panthers can give away a dominating 14 point lead last week the Falcons should have no need to worry.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Oakland at Jacksonville:
Now this game will be awesome. Both teams are playoff potential teams. This could be a playoff preview. Now I like both teams, I have no idea which one to go for. So home field it is.
Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars

Seattle at San Francisco:
Now here is the complete opposite of the last game. This will be a snoozer with no team wanting to win. I was thinking of the Niners here but they I remembered that I would NEVER pick them again.
Winner: Seattle Seahawks

St. Louis at New Orleans:
The Saints are rolling under the radar, just the way they want  it. They cannot look past this tough Rams team who are the only team fighting for the NFC West Division.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Miami at NY Jets:
The Dolphins have a small window of hope. And the Jets hope to bury the memory of last weeks game (along with the game ball that they actually buried) with a big win over the Dolphins. If they don't win this game, the Jets may be in some trouble.
Winner: New York Jets

Denver at Arizona:
Getting a new head coach during the season will mean that the Broncos should win this one. But they are not as good as the Cowboys and Vikings. But luckily for Denver, they are playing the horrible Cards. Hey Case family! I am picking the Broncos.
Winner: Denver Broncos

Kansas City at San Diego:
The Chargers have to win this game. The Chiefs need to win this game to keep the 2-game lead in their division. Good teams rebound after bad losses, we will see the character of the Chargers team. Here is my upset special.
Winner: San Diego Chargers

New England at Chicago:
The Pats looked unstoppable last week. I really, really want the Bears to take them out. But I don't think that will happen. The Bears will be tough but the Pats are the Pats.
Winner: New England Patriots

Philadelphia at Dallas:
The Cowboys could spell spoiler for the Eagles. Because I have Vick on another fantasy team, I really hope they don't. But the Cowboys are frustrating, especially to their fans so they will win this one.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Monday Night
Baltimore at Houston:
Ray Lewis is an angry, angry man. I think at one point he will actually eat one of the Texans. The Ravens will find it tough to stop RB Arian Foster but the Texans will be unable to stop QB Joe Flacco.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Dec 8, 2010

The Shuffle

A few weeks ago my cousin and fellow blogger, Jaimee had a neat idea for a blog topic that she stole from her one brother that is not blogging.

Basically you take your iPod or whatever mp3 player you have and hit Shuffle and blog about the first 5 songs that come up and list why you like them and why you have them on your iPod.

A good idea is a good idea so I am stealing it from her and doing it today

Mephistopheles' Return - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Funny that this one would pop up first considering that this my absolutely favorite TSO song off the Beethoven's Last Night album. Most of you know that I have a real big soft spot for musicals and theatrical music and this rock opera is one of my favorites. I don't know why most of the musical songs about the devil are the most rocking and most entertaining and most fun to sing but they are and this one is a fun one.

Ballad Of Dwight Fry - Alice Cooper
"Mommy where's daddy? He's been gone for so long. Do you think he'll ever come home?"
Who would have thought that some of Alice Cooper's best would be his softer ballads. Well, ballads as far as Alice Cooper goes. This long song (clocks in at 6:33) is a real pretty song about a man that is in an insane asylum.

Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) - Mika
O boy. You know how there are some songs on your iPod that only you know are there? Those type of songs that are so cheesy that you are a little embarrassed that you have them? Well, I am coming out the iPod closet. I like Mika. There I said it. I discovered one of his songs from a movie and I really liked it so I got his albums and man are they cheesy.  AND I LOVE THEM.

I feel better now...

This song is probably one of my favorite ones of his. It has a fun beat and fun lyrics.

Dear Friends - Queen
I was a little worried that my favorite band of all-time would not make an appearance but when you have all their catalog on your iPod along with all their concerts and rare stuff, I knew my chances were good. This is one of the shortest songs they have (only 1:09) but it has to be one of their more beautiful and poignant songs that came from one of their earlier albums.

So dear friends
Your love is gone
Only tears to dwell upon
I dare not say
As the wind must blow
So a love is lost
A love is won
Go to sleep and dream again
Soon your hopes will rise
And then from all this gloom
Life can start anew
And there'll be no crying soon

Written by Brian May and sung by Freddie. Only his voice and accompaniment by the piano. I love it because of how simple it is.

Now That You Got Me - Honeymoon Suite
Honeymoon Suite is a Canadian hair metal band and it was the first tapes that I bought. Hair Metal is another love of mine and you never forget your first love and Honeymoon Suite was mine. The whole album is pretty good and I still listen to it but I do it now for more nostalgic purposes. This is one of the better songs of that album. My tape finally gave out and I bought the CD on eBay from Canada.

Dec 6, 2010

Christmas Music

One of the reasons why I chose to join my church choir was for the chance to sing Christmas songs. This year we are singing a couple of songs for our Christmas program. We are singing One Small Babe, Silent Night and Away in a Manger set to the tune of How Firm a Foundation. I am looking forward to singing these in just a couple of Sundays.

I love Christmas music. It is always so uplifting and happy. One Small Babe is a fantastic song, one of the Young Women is singing a solo at the beginning and she fits it so perfect. She has a real sweet and innocent voice that is so pure and I have to admit that it chokes me up a little when I hear her sing it.

I discovered an album of Christmas that I absolutely love. Christmas with Weezer.

It has most of my favorite Christmas songs that is set to more of a rock and roll feel. It doesn't feel out of place and it does not feel that it disrespects the music either. I might have to figure out the bass guitar for this.

Dec 4, 2010

Jarrito Lime!

What would I do without family?


I love Lime Crush soda. It is only available in Canada and they discontinued it. Then a few weeks ago I discovered that they brought it back for a limited time only. And it was for Halloween and I found out a week later. It was available here in the USA but I could not find it.

So I was telling this to my brother-in-law Steve and his wife (and fellow blogger) Andrea and Steve suggested that I should try the Mexican sodas they have in the Mexican aisle in the grocery store.

So I did. And I am so glad I did. It is a little more tangier than the Lime Crush but it is an awesome substitute until I can get my hands on the real thing.  Thanks Steve and Andrea!