Nov 30, 2010

From the Soapbox: Better Late Than Never?

As you can tell from yesterday's post, I am not a fan of people who are late. And the more I think about it, the more I want to fully explain myself.
Do you need one of these?

I hate being late. That expression 'Better Late Than Never' is not something I believe in. I would rather not show up at all than be late. For example, if I know that I am going to be more than thirty minutes late to something, like church, I would rather just not go at all. I know that I am not perfect, I have been late for things but let me explain what I believe being late is.

There is a difference between being late and being fashionably late. Fashionably late is when you show up about five minutes late to give the impression that you are a busy and held up with other business. I extend fashionably late to being 20 minutes at the most. Normally I like to be on time and most of the times I am early but sometimes I can be late at the most of 20 minutes. But I don't do it to look busy, sometimes it's good not to be the first person to show.

I understand that life is busy and well, crap happens! There are times when things get away from us and we have to be late. You know, when the car breaks down, when your kid poops his pants up his back, your work schedule changed, your kid needs a nap. You get the picture. That I can understand to why you were late.
Little Miss Late is just another name for Little Miss Inconsiderate

But if you are late because you have crammed to much to do or if you are just plain lazy to be there on time, then that is a problem. And you have a bigger problem if you are chronically late. I can handle it when you are late like this every once in awhile but when it is for every gathering or meeting, than you have a major problem. It is awfully inconsiderate and disrespectful to just show up late (remember, past 20 minutes) and think that everything is fine. Like I said yesterday, your time is as valuable as mine is. Being late like this for most of the time is a sign of selfishness.

What's funny is those that have this chronic lateness problem are usually the same that think they don't have a problem and they don't think that being late is a serious issue. Let me tell you, it is a problem. You are not just affecting yourself but you are affecting everyone around you.

Nov 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving was fantastic. My family and I had a wonderful time with family, food and football.

We woke up and drove down to Salt Lake in the morning and we almost turned back. The roads in Logan and all the way to Sardine Canyon were horrendous. I know we had just had the blizzard but it looked like the roads were not plowed. And I am not even talking about the local roads around my house, I am talking about the main highway to the canyon. It was covered in ice and we fishtailed it all the way down to Wellsville.

Surprisingly, the roads were better through the canyon and bone dry all the way down to Salt Lake. We only got stuck one time and that was pulling into the church's parking lot. And of course we were the first ones to show up (aside from Renae and Gregg who had to open the church) as always. I pride myself in being on time for everything, I do not like to inconvenience anyone. Their time, like mine, is valuable. Eventually most of our family finally rolled in and we played around until the rest came over an hour late. Thanksgiving is all about gratitude so I guess I should just be happy that I saw my family.


The food was great. Everything was so tasty and PieFest!(tm) was so yummy. Steve made this awesome eggnog pie that was to die for. The only problem with all the pies is that there are just too many to try and eat! After food we played some games and just hung around and chatted.

The New York Jets were played that evening and I made arrangements to watch the game with Steve. In fact, I made these arrangements the moment the schedule was put out months and months ago. They invited us over to Andrea's parents home to watch the game in HD and the big screen. So we went over there, I was planning on only watching the first half or so and then head home. But then I thought it wouldn't matter when I left since it was already dark and it was already freezing. So the roads would be bad anyway. That and Steve got hungry and I couldn't just let him eat alone. So he went out and got us all tacos from Del Taco. I would have thought that I would be eating turkey leftovers that night not fast food!

After we finished watching the Jets beat the Bengals we headed home. Thanks Steven and Andrea for hosting us and making us eat tacos. I am very lucky and blessed to have such a great set of in-laws.

Nov 26, 2010

Upon Further Review: Week 12

What a great Thanksgiving I had. Lots of football, family and food. But I will blog about that later. I forgot that I need to make my picks for the rest of Week 12. So far, so good, I am 3/3 already.

Last week I made some better picks and I scored 12/16. And I learned that I will never, ever pick the 49ers again. We'll see if I can keep that up. Now onto the games!

Green Bay at Atlanta:
This could easily be a preview of the NFC Championship. This will be a great test for both teams since they are both hot right now. The biggest key here will be if the Falcons can slow down the Rodgers and the Packers offense. It will be another tight one but I see the Packers pulling off an upset here.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Pittsburgh at Buffalo:
Buffalo has been playing some great football the last couple of weeks but they are facing their biggest challenge in the Steelers. While I do think that the homefield will help the Bills, it just won't be enough. The Steelers get away with a win.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Carolina at Cleveland:
It just wouldn't surprise me if the Panthers won here. That would be a typical week in the NFL. But Mangini will have his team ready to go since his job may be on the line. And I think the Panthers have already called it a season.
Winner: Cleveland Browns

Jacksonville at NY Giants:
Who would have thought that this would be an interesting game? The Jaguars are in 1st place in their division and the Giants are slowly slipping away. The Jaguars are hot and are certainly clicking on offense but I worry about their pass defense. The Giants will be without WR Hakeem Nicks and that could slow down the Giants passing game. I do love rooting for the underdog here...
Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars

Minnesota at Washington:
The Vikings are done. Stick a fork in them because they are done. But I do think that they will be like Dallas and have a renewed sense of competitive spirit and will win out the rest of the season to spite their old coach.
Winner: Minnesota Vikings

Tennessee at Houston:
What the heck is wrong with QB Vince Young? I wish I had half his talent because if I did I would be happily playing in the NFL. I think HC Jeff Fisher is right, they need to dump this guy and move on. The Titans will play hard but they will be playing their 3rd string QB and it will show. The Texans actually get a win.
Winner: Houston Texans

Kansas City at Seattle:
So which NFC West team is going to step up and win this division? The answer? No one. And Kansas City will put a hurt on this team as it wants to step up and win its division.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Miami at Oakland:
So which Raider team are we going to get here? Hopefully not the one that laid the egg last week. Miami is reeling and traveling coast-to-coast will not help.
Winner: Oakland Raiders

St. Louis at Denver:
It comes down to this. The Rams are just playing better ball. Being at Mile High will be hard for the Rams but they should be able to win it in the end. I just don't see the Denver defense slowing Steven Jackson. Maybe the Rams want the NFC West?
Winner: St. Louis Rams

Philadelphia at Chicago:
Boy I didn't think this would be a game for divisional leaders. QB Michael Vick does just enough to win. The Bears defense will keep him in check for the most part but I don't think QB Jay Cutler can match Vick's offensive output.
Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

Tampa Bay at Baltimore:
This will be a statement game for the Bucs if they pull off the win. But the Ravens defense is finally showing some life and they will put a small stop to the Bucs winning ways. This should be a good one.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

San Diego at Indianapolis:
I really like the Chargers Phillip Rivers. The Chargers will pose a problem for the Colts and I expect a shootout. Both teams cannot afford to lose and will be playing like this is a playoff game. Both quarterbacks make their teams all the much better. They can throw to anyone! But I smell an upset...
Winner: San Diego Chargers

Monday Night
San Francisco at Arizona:
Wow. Take the Monday off and do some Christmas shopping. Nothing to see here. Remember how I said I will never take the 49ers again? Hmmm... ..but they are playing the Cardinals! Nope, I gotta make my stand and back up my mouth.
Winner: Arizona Cardinals

Nov 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and mainly because of the 3 F's.

I get to spend Thanksgiving "away" this year. Which means we spend it with the Breinholt Family. I have said this before but I have been blessed with great in-laws. I know a lot of people that absolutely hate their in-laws and I am so glad that I don't have to worry about that. It will be fun to catch up and see everyone.

"Good gravy."
"Thank you, it is just brown and water."
Kristy's family is loaded with people who know how to cook. So I am sure that the dinner will be fabulous. And PieFest! I am so looking to eating all that pie.


Three games! And my most-awesome brother-in-law is bringing in a television so we can watch the games! That shouldn't surprise me since the Lions are playing. And then I am heading over to his house to watch the night game which features my Jets!

I am really looking forward to driving down and spending time with the people that mean the most to me.

The New York Jets Flight Crew

Okay... lame joke, I really mean my fantastic family. The food and the football are just icing on the cake.

And speaking of football, here are my Thanksgiving picks.

New England at Detroit:
I hope Steve still lets me come over even though I am picking the Pats to win. But I will root for the Lions, nothing would make my Thanksgiving more enjoyable than by having the Pats lose. But I have to stay true to myself.
Winner: New England Patriots

New Orleans at Dallas:
This will be the biggest test for Dallas's new head coach. This will be a tight game but the Saints just have more firepower and will get after Kitna.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Cincinnati at NY Jets:
This is a huge trap game for the Jets and they better not look past them. The Bengals will play tough and they know how to post points. But it is the Bengals... but these are the Jets... The Jets will avoid a letdown and beat this squad and hopefully will do it by halftime.
Winner: New York Jets

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe Thanksgiving! We all have something to be thankful for.

Nov 24, 2010

Blizzard 2010


Okay... it wasn't that bad at all. Oh, it was definitely a blizzard. There was high winds, snow and cold, cold temperatures. We hunkered down and survived. I think it is funny that the media has blown this storm out of proportion. I was really expecting some sort of death count.

The snow came right to our doorstep.

But I am glad that they let schools out early and that they issued this warning because it kept people off the roads. My family and I decided to was a good night to eat Muddy Buddies, drink hot chocolate (mmmm... Stephen's Irish Creme hot chocolate) and watch the Princess Bride.

Logan has never seen that movie and he absolutely loved it. It is the Princess Bride, how can you go wrong with that one?

Nov 23, 2010


There are times when I know for sure that Logan is my kid. It is not like I have ever questioned that seriously, what I mean is that some times I know it for a fact.

Take the schoolwork he brought home yesterday:

In class they were given a creative assignment to make up a germ. And its name is Tweeterbut. I also think it is funny that his germ HATES other germs.

Nov 22, 2010

Random Ramblings

I am so glad that my year-long blogging quest is over because yesterday I was in NO mood to blog. Yesterday was just not a good day. It wasn't anything specific but it was just an accumulation of stuff. But I don't want to get into it.

I know for a fact that I don't miss blogging on Sundays. But you know what I miss most about the 365 Challenge? Reading everyone else's blogs.


I used to love to log in and see all the blog updates. Now instead of six-seven blogs, I only get a couple. I guess I am going to have to figure out another challenge because I miss reading those blogs. C'mon fellow bloggers! Let's see some blogs!

I have made a new friend named Randy. He is an older gentlemen and we have spent a few hours last week getting to know each other. I met him through another new friend of mine, Leslie Sansone.

Yeah, in an effort to lose some weight and to keep up with exercising, I now do these Walk Away the Pounds videos. And I have to admit that I like them and they are pretty enjoyable and you do get a good workout doing them. Usually videos like these are annoying. They have a host that goes way to fast and is way to cheesy and there are usually other people in the video that are just annoying as all out. I have found that these people are pretty normal and are not cheesy. These walking videos are almost all women, except for my new friend Randy. I am glad he is there so I don't feel so stupid marching around the house with a bunch of ladies.

I recommend them to anyone. In the last two weeks I have already lost the three pounds I gained from eating that EggNog Fudge.

Thanks Randy! You can see him way in the back.

This is my last week of the NaNoWriMo challenge and I am lacking motivation today. I have been writing on the fly with this novel. Not knowing at all where I am going with it. But last night while watching Sportscenter I think I know where to take it. And it is very close to its conclusion! I have written 37,024 words.

At least I don't have a lot of blogs to read so I can concentrate on my writing... *hint hint*

Nov 19, 2010

An Evening with the Transiberian Orchestra

Last night my dad, sister and brother went down to Salt Lake City to attend the Transiberian Orchestra concert. This is my second time that I have seen them, the first time a couple of years ago.

This type of music is right up my alley. For those that are not familiar with them and their music they are a progressive rock band founded in 1993. The orchestra's musical style incorporates classical, orchestral, symphonic, and progressive elements into hard rock and heavy metal. In fact they have taken pieces of classical music (Carmina Burana, Beethoven's 9th symphony as examples) and incorporated them into their rock operas. Essentially, it is theatrical rock music. They are also known for incorporating Christmas music and having Christmas themes in their operas.

The first time I went and saw them I had a good time but I was not completely won over. It probably had to do with the timing. I was still working at my last job and hating it, my car got a flat tire at the gas station and I had to walk back to work in the snow and cold. So I had to leave my car there and my sister took Kristy and I. We ate at a Greek restaurant and I got a horrible, horrible case of the hiccups. Seriously, these were body shaking, headache inducing hiccups. So I think that affected my enjoyment of the show.

So I have to admit that I was not as excited to see them again. Sure, I knew I would like it but I wouldn't say that I was going to be knocked out by it.

I am sure glad I went again. We ate afterwards and I didn't have a flat tire beforehand. We had better seats and the set was much better looking. The music was fantastic. It was relentless, it was pounding and the lights, fire, fireworks and video screens enhanced the feeling. The show is split into two parts, the first part is centered around one of their Christmas rock operas and does have some fast and furious moments but can be a little slow at times. The music is still phenomenal and sends a great message about how we should treat each other and not just during the Christmas season. But the second half of the show they just rock the roof off. I have always loved orchestra mixed with rock guitars.

Jennifer and I feel we have missed our calling in life. We both want to be rock stars! But I think I would be happy to be the guy that escorts the pretty violinist up and down the aisles.

The only thing that kinda bugged me about the show was one of the performers. He has such a great voice but he was also in love with his own hair. And he would thump his chest and air guitar and I felt like I was watching a parody. But really, I am being quite picky and petty here.

I had a wonderful time. This was definitely a better concert than the last time I went. I am not afraid to admit that I am a fan of them and their music.

Thanks dad for taking me and for taking us to get some tasty gyros after! It was fun on the drive home singing to the iPod.

Nov 18, 2010

Upon Further Review; Week 11

I cannot believe that we are on Week 11! This season is flying. I always find that around weeks 9-12 we see some pretty big upsets. Teams are making that final push to the playoffs and the teams that get hot now are the ones that go far into the playoffs.  Last week was not my best week at picking wins. I scored an embarrassing 6/13. I need to step up this week.

Chicago at Miami:
I feel a little bad for the Dolphins. They lost both Chad QBs and are on a short week facing the Bears tonight who beat the Vikings last Sunday. But I do have a lot of faith in QB Tyler Thigpen. I really like this guy and I am excited to see him play even though I absolutely hate the Dolphins. He is a very underrated player and with a little more prep time I think he could easily be the starter. Close game but I think the Bears barely win it.
Winner: Chicago Bears

Buffalo at Cincinnati:
The Bills finally got a win that they have been fighting so hard for. The Bengals are just a mess. I want to pick the Bengals because I think that they are more talented but I think the Bills want it more. And it is Buffalo's QB Ryan Fitzpatrick return to his old team. And you know if he wants to beat them. I guess I have just convinced myself to take the Bills.
Winner: Buffalo Bills

Detroit at Dallas:
The Cowboys certainly rolled over the Giants with ease last Sunday. And the Lions...  ...well, the Lions did the usual. Finding new ways to lose. This game will be competitive but the Cowboys just have too much talent.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Washington at Tennessee:
Both teams were humiliated last week. But I think the Redskins will take it harder. It is at Tennessee and the Redskins can't stop quarterbacks that run.
Winner: Tennessee Titans

Arizona at Kansas City:
Say what you want about the Chief's coach but I sure like his fiery attitude. The Chiefs have lost back-to-back games and are looking like the Chiefs of old. Good thing that the hapless Cards are coming to town. The Chiefs need this tune-up.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Green Bay at Minnesota:
This is it. If the Vikings don't win this game, they are out of the playoff hunt. This could be the last time Favre takes the field against his former team. The Packers have an excellent opportunity to put the Vikings out to pasture. So many story lines, so many reasons to win. It will be a close one but I think Favre has one more game in him to prolong this awful Vikings season.
Winner: Minnesota Vikings

Houston at NY Jets:
The Jets now have a place in NFL history. They have won back-to-back overtime games on the road and this needs to stop! I cannot take it anymore. The Jets will have their hands full in this game but Houston is allowing the most passing yardage and it seems like Jets QB Mark Sanchez is maturing and gaining more confidence in the passing game. And Texans QB Matt Shaub is a question mark.
Winner: New York Jets

Oakland at Pittsburgh:
What happened to the Steelers last week? They were killed! I don't think that will happen again, especially at home but they are facing a rejuvenated Raiders team that is getting better and better. I would love to see the Raiders march in here and kick the Steelers while they are done but I just don't see it happening. The Steelers will have to be careful and not look past this team.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Baltimore at Carolina:
The Ravens get their second bye week. The Panthers will fight but the Ravens will easily dispatch this team.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Cleveland at Jacksonville:
Now this is an intriguing game. The Jaguars are coming off a very emotional and exciting win while the Browns were just beaten in overtime. The Browns are heading in the right direction but I am not sure if the Jags are going that way too. Hard game to call and I think it will go down to the wire. Home field gets the win.
Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars

Tampa Bay at San Francisco:
The Bucs are playing well above what everyone thought and the 49ers are still struggling. The 49ers need this game to keep up in the NFC West and the Bucs are traveling across country. I do think the Bucs will win it but I am going for a more talented team. But if the 49ers lose this game, I will NEVER pick them again. Ever.
Winner: San Francisco 49ers 

Seattle at New Orleans:
Now is the time for the defending Superbowl Champions to get on a roll. And what better way than at home and against the Seahawks?
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Atlanta at St. Louis:
Atlanta is gotta be the best team playing in the NFC now. They will have a hard time against the Rams but talent and experience will take this game.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Indianapolis at New England:
Both of these teams just have a way of winning when the chips are down. The Colts have a lot of injuries but they have Peyton Manning. The Patriots do not have a lot of offense but they have Tom Brady. Game of the week here! But I think this will be an upset.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

NY Giants at Philadelphia:
Do the Eagles look good with QB Michael Vick? And what happened to the Giants last week. This is a huge divisional game and we will see just how good these squads are.
Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

Monday Night
Denver at San Diego:
Denver looked really good against the Chiefs last week and the Chargers are doing their usual late season push. This will be an excellent game since both teams absolutely hate each other. The AFC West is still open and both these teams need this win. Luckily for the home crowd, the Charger should get it.
Winner: San Diego Chargers

Cannot wait for the weekend!

Nov 17, 2010

National Unfriend Day!

I usually like to surf the Internet before I blog. I will read the news, check my fantasy football teams, read other blogs and check my e-mail before I finally settle down to blog. I know, it is probably not the best thing to do since by the time I am finished surfing I am ready to be done. But on occasion it works to my advantage since I will find topics I could blog about.

Just like today. Did you know that it is National Unfriend Day?

I had no idea. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel has declared that today, November 17th as National UnFriend Day. It is time to trim the fat.
Jimmy said: "We should have a lot of the real stuff. We should have less of the fake stuff like you have on Facebook. I'm asking you to unfriend anyone on Facebook who isn't really your friend - the annoying people. The people who feel the need to inform you of every thought that enters their head.... I would guess that 90% of your Facebook friends aren't even your friends at all. Most of them you probably don't even like."
Jimmy did note that this doesn't have to be hostile. Those that trim the fat may be trimming you as well.
"If you wouldn't loan someone $50 unfriend them," he said. "If you wouldn't invite them to your birthday party, unfriend them. If you wouldn't cry if they got hit by a bus, unfriend them. It's impossible to have 1,000 friends. Here's what you do. Post on Friday that you're moving and whoever responds and offers to help, is your friend.... It's time to cut out the friend fat in your life."

Now I have already blogged about how I feel about Facebook, the good and the bad. And I have to admit that I am a little particular when it comes to friends. Essentially it comes down to this:

"If I was your friend before Facebook I'll be your friend on Facebook"

This is what I enjoy the most about Facebook. I like to reconnect with those friends that I have lost contact for some reason or another. But I will not let everyone in the door. If I was a friend of yours before Facebook existed, chances are I will be your friend on Facebook. But this is not a popularity contest, just because I knew you in high school doesn't mean we were friends. If I thought you were a kind of jerkhole in high school chances are I will just laugh at your friend request and hit "Ignore".

But I think Jimmy is right. I think I need to weed out some of my friends. And the ones that I will weed out first are the ones that are making no effort to be friends. Usually when I get a friend request, especially from one that I have not spoken to in years, I will send them a message and try to catch up. If I get no message back, I think it is time to cut them out. No offense to them but if you don't want to even try (and how hard is it to send a e-mail people!) then I don't think we should even try to continue a friendship.

So if you are reading this and suddenly you find that you are not a friend of mine on Facebook? Maybe you should try a bit harder next time.

Nov 16, 2010

The Log Driver's Waltz

One of my favorite memories of living in Canada was the neat TV spots they would air on Canadian TV that was produced by the Canadian National Film Board. Basically these were TV spots that would spotlight Canadian culture and its nation. They had a bunch of them but the best one was the Log Driver's Waltz.

"The Log Driver's Waltz" is a Canadian folk song, written by Wade Hemsworth and is also a Canadian animated film from the National Film Board, released in 1979. Kate and Anna McGarrigle and the Mountain City Four, sung the song for the animated short film. The film is one of the most-requested in the entire collection of the National Film Board.

Occasionally, The Log Driver's Waltz appears on Canadian channels like CBC Television as filler between two programs, much like Heritage Minutes. That was one of the few films that I would stop and watch.

I still remember this classic like it was just yesterday. I know the words by heart and I can tell you exactly what happens in the cartoon. It was things like this that made Canada so unique.

Nov 15, 2010

Blogger Reunion Dinner

Last Saturday my fellow bloggers and I decided we need to celebrate completing the 365 Blogging Challenge. We finally decided on a date and we all met halfway at a Red Robin in Layton. Jennifer and Kristy had went to Red Robin with my mom just a week before and they said that they have a new burger that I need to try. When Kristy and I meet Andrea and Steven for dinner we usually end up at Red Robin anyway so Red Robin it was!

I picked up Jennifer and we all headed down to Layton. I was excited to see everyone but I have to admit that I was just as excited to try this new burger. It was a special called the Mount Olympus Burger. An oregano seasoned burger with creamy artichoke and spinach dip, crumbled feta cheese, crisp bacon, romaine lettuce, tomatoes and garlic mayo on a rustic ciabatta bun. Sounds good right?

I am a lucky guy to have dinner with six terrific ladies. I guess I shouldn't complain that I am one of the only guys that blogs.

We made it to Layton and my fellow bloggers (Andrea, Lewis, Crystal and Chelsea) were already there. We waited for just a little bit for our tables but we had to pull Lewis away from her infomercial. Luckily they had it playing in the television by our table. It was great to see everyone, I have met Andrea's family before but I have not seen them since we started and probably a few years before that. But I felt comfortable around them because I felt like I knew them so well.

Kristy and Jennifer wanted to show me the burger special but it was no where to be found. Unfortunately they had took it off the menu! I was so disappointed. They had it just a week ago! Kristy and Jennifer asked about it and the waiter confirmed it. The burger was gone! But luckily for me, Kristy and Jennifer made the guy check to see if they could still make it and we were all happy when he brought back the happy news!

It was a very nice time. The food was fantastic and the company was even better. I wanted to do something nice for my fellow bloggers for taking the challenge so Kristy and I made these cool certificates of achievement and we also bought each blogger a special chocolate bar from Alvey's Chocolates from Logan. Then we parted ways and Jennifer, Kristy and I went to the mall to Dairy Queen. I was very surprised that we didn't run into Andrea and her family since that is what we usually did after dinner when we met Steven and Andrea for dinner.

Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for coming and participating in the challenge. I am glad that you all did this, it would have been a long journey for me to do alone and I don't know if I would have made it.

Now we just need to do another challenge so we have the excuse to meet again for some food and fun. I hope this is not the last time I get to visit these people.

Nov 12, 2010

Upon Further Review

Did you see last night's game? I wish I did. I don't mind Thursday Night games but I hate not having the NFL Network. I just don't want to pay an additional $20 a month just so I can watch a few games. At least I could see the highlights though. And I was right! Atlanta won.

I am still over fifty percent with my picks with 10/13 games correct. Finally the Raiders show what I thought they would be! Here are my picks for the rest of the games this week.

Detroit at Buffalo:
The Lions really should have won last week. And I think the Bills should have won last week. The Lions are fighting but their QB is out. The Bills are really trying hard and their QB has been on fire. Even though I may offend some family members, I am going with the Bills. I feel like they deserve to win. If they don't win this game, they may not win one the rest of the season.
Winner: Buffalo Bills

Minnesota at Chicago:
The Vikings are winning despite having a chilly relationship with their head coach. I am afraid that will bite them in the end but I think they can beat the Bears this week.
Winner: Minnesota Vikings

NY Jets at Cleveland:
This game scares me. Browns head coach Eric Mangini comes back and faces his former employer. He beat his first employer in grand fashion last week. The Browns rookie QB has beaten Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Does Jets QB Mark Sanchez stand a chance? If the Jets can slow down the Browns RB Peyton Hillis than I think they can win it. This should be an ugly game that will come down to a field goal. The Jets win again barely. Jets HC Rex Ryan beats his brother.
Winner: New York Jets

Carolina at Tampa Bay:
I am still on the Josh Freeman bandwagon. The Bucs will need to be careful and not look past this team.
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers  

Houston at Jacksonville:
I wish I could see this game because I think this will be a shoot-out! The Texans have one of the worst passing defenses and the Jags have been solid passing the ball. I think the Jaguars will steal one at home.
Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars 

Cincinnati at Indianapolis:
I was impressed by the Bengals Monday night in the 4th quarter and T.O. is playing some inspired football. But these are the Colts and they are angry for losing.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Tennessee at Miami:
The biggest news to come out of Miami is that QB Chad Henne has been benched and 2-Time Comeback Player of the Year, Chad Pennington gets his start. He will help the anemic passing game but not enough to win one. The Dolphins home woes continue.
Winner: Tennessee Titans

Kansas City at Denver:
At least I get to watch this game. No matter what the records, the Chiefs and Broncos always have tough contests. But the Chiefs have too much talent for the Broncos to overcome. It will be close but costly mistakes will give the Chiefs the game.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs 

Dallas at NY Giants:
The Giants will need to be careful and not look past this game. It will be interesting to see how the Cowboys play after their head coach was fired. Personally, I think the Cowboys have already packed it in.
Winner: New York Giants

Seattle at Arizona:
The Seahawks have been up and down this season which is better than the Cardinals. I think the Seahawks will win but I have this gut feeling that the Cards will pull one out especially at home. I already regret making the pick.
Winner: Arizona Cardinals

St. Louis at San Francisco:
Who would have thought that this game would be so important for both teams? The 49ers need to win to keep up in the division and the Rams need a win to keep themselves atop the NFC West. I think the 49ers have more talent but the Rams have momentum and are thinking positive. And this could be the last hurrah for the 49ers with a loss. UGH. Who to go with....
Winner: San Fransisco 49ers (only because they are at home)

New England at Pittsburgh:
Oh Sunday Night Football how I love you. This should be a fantastic game. The Patriots should be able to keep up with the Steelers but I think it is here that the Pats will miss Randy Moss. They cannot match all the big plays the Steelers bring.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers 

Monday Night
Philadelphia at Washington:
I didn't think Redskins QB McNabb could go home again and he proved me wrong. I think the Eagles are playing better ball but I think the Redskins sweep the Eagles. McNabb has something to prove and not just to his former team, but to his current coach.
Winner: Washington Redskins

Nov 11, 2010

Remembrance Day 2010

I remember last year writing about Remembrance Day (as Veteran's Day is called in Canada) and feeling very proud about the service that my family has accomplished in serving their country.
Flander's Field

I am still proud of them as I am proud of anyone who has served their country.

I was supposed to do my usual Upon Further Review column today for the upcoming games in the NFL but it just doesn't seem right. But there is a game tonight so I will make the lone pick and finish off the rest tomorrow.

But first I would like to honor the veterans. On behalf of my family and I, we appreciate and value all of the people who have served or are currently serving in the Armed Forces. Thank you for giving and securing us our freedom. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always for a safe mission and that you may be reunited with your loved ones soon and safely.


Baltimore at Atlanta:
It's too bad that I do not have the NFL Network because I would love to see this game. Atlanta needs to prove that they are one  of the best teams in the NFC. A tight one but I see Atlanta making the statement.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Nov 10, 2010

Shaving Logan

For the last nine years or so I have been cutting my own hair. And now it is getting easier with the balding but I still cannot get the bottom of my head/top of my neck on my own. Kristy, being the nice wife she is, will cut/shave that part for me. She did it for me today before she headed out to work and I appreciate it. While she was cutting my hair I started to get the giggles. It reminded me of a certain picture of Logan.

So I am sure you know what happened next. We took some of my hair and called Logan in and tried to make him a moustache.

It didn't help that the hair tickled him and Kristy and I were dying laughing. He kept blowing it off and soon he just gave up.

That is one of the best things about having a kid. You get to do all sorts of stuff to them!

Nov 9, 2010

October Days of Reckoning

I say this every time I do one of these columns but I am amazed and frightened about how fast time as gone. October just came and went and I am so glad that I have blogged about it because I cannot remember what I did and what happened.

So what did I accomplish in October?


I procrastinated. Which seems to be the story of my life in some things. I was supposed to plot out my next novel but I barely looked at my old notes. Luckily the creative juices have been flowing and I am on par with where I am supposed to be at in my Nanowrimo war. In fact, things couldn't be better writing this novel. I have the basic plot line done but so far I have not even got to that part yet. The novel has already gone in a direction that I didn't think it would go. Only about 38,000 more words to go!

I gotta get me one of these pens.


I procrastinated. Now where have I heard that before? I am about halfway through my 11th book and I need to get that cranked out so I can choose my last book of the year. But I did finish my 10th book last night and it was a great read. I finished The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore and it was fantastic. For those that don't know, Alan Moore has written some of my favorite comic books like Watchmen, V For Vendetta, Captain Britain and Swamp Thing. The book I read was one long interview and he covered his whole life and it was great. Now I just need to finish Larry H. Miller's book and then I think I will snag Carrie Fisher's autobiography to finish out the year.


Last month was the worst month. I barely exercised and I know I am going to struggle here in the winter months. Kristy has a bunch of walking DVDs that I am going to have to do so I can get some exercise. I have to do them so I can get into shape faster when spring comes along so I can train for my first race. Halloween didn't help since I do love the candy.

I should save me the effort of dressing up for Halloween next year and just go as Homer in his moo-moo. I certainly feel as fat as he looks.


I do like playing the bass and I am finding it easier to figure out the notes. I am probably up to about thirty songs. Now if I could only sing at the same time as playing the bass. That is a lot harder than I thought it would be. And I am so glad that I joined the choir at Church. We are doing Christmas songs and I just love singing those.

Not a great month but I still feel that I am ahead of the game. 

Nov 8, 2010

No Dew and No Football Make Matt Go Crazy!

Kristy and I have been watching all the Treehouse of Horror Simpsons episodes, hence the name of the title.

This last weekend was the first time that I didn't blog and it felt weird. I had to write something on Saturday. Yesterday, on the other hand, I didn't miss blogging at all! Which is good considering I barely would have had time to blog. I was in a meeting at 7:00, a meeting at 9:00, Church at 11:30, choir practice at 2:30 (and we are doing Christmas songs!) and finally another meeting at 3:30. I didn't get home until close to 5:00 and I was starving.

No Dew and No Football Make Matt Go Crazy!

But luckily I was able to catch some football and drink some Dew before I killed my family. It was close!

Nov 6, 2010

Day Off

So wierd...

I am taking my first day off.. my first official day off in over a year!

Nov 5, 2010

Shorts in November?

I feel fat.

Every time I put my hands on my stomach I feel fat. I have not exercised for the last couple of weeks and I really needed to get out while the weather was still nice.

I went out and ran the other day but yesterday I was feeling really tired. So I decided to get my walking shoes and pack a backpack and grab my camera and go up to the campus of Utah State University.

A few summers ago I participated in a Diet Cholesterol Eating Study at USU and I would walk up to campus each morning to eat breakfast. It is about a 2-3 mile walk and it is all uphill on the way there. I enjoyed walking so I decided yesterday to retrace my old walking trip and bring my camera along to take pictures of the beautiful fall foliage. I will have to blog about the eating thing sometime in the future.

This is usually where I start my run. It goes up this nice trail to the Logan Temple. But this time I hung a left and went up a different trial.

If you look right at the bottom you will see a small river.

Somewhere in this direction is my house. Can you see it?

That large building in the distance is Old Main on USU. And that is where I am headed.

Old Main Hill. Not too far away now.

On Old Main Hill there is a cool amphitheatre. Sometimes after class I would come over here and sit and relax.

Old Main. A ton of my classes were here. Grandpa Anhder had to ring the bell in the tower with the A on it when he was at USU.

I circled the building and came back down that path. It was so nice out. I was wearing shorts and I was not cold. SHORTS! In November!

On the way home you can see the Logan Temple rise up out of nowhere.

This was the temple Kristy and I were married in. I would then walk down the hill and take a left and go to Merlin Olsen Park.

Nov 4, 2010

Upon Further Review

You know what I love about the NFL?

I love that there is absolutely no way that I can correctly call each game each week. There is always some sort of upset, some sort of surprise. I scored 8/13 last week so I didn't do too bad.

I also waived Randy Moss on one of my football leagues. That is one of my pet peeves, people who have all this talent and they squander it. I wish I had half of Randy's talent but if that comes with half of his horrible attitude I don't want it.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta:
This will be an intriguing game. Tampa Bay claims they are one of the best NFC squads and with their record it is hard to argue that. The young team is gaining confidence are getting better but now they go up against one of the best NFC squads in the Falcons. Tampa Bay takes the lead but the Falcons win it in the end.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Chicago at Buffalo:
I don't know which is more difficult. Winning every game or losing every game of the season. The Bills have kept it close the last two weeks and should be tough at home but they are expounding a lot of energy and they don't have anything to show for it. The Bears are feast or famine with Jay Cutler. I think the Bills get their first win of the season.
Winner: Buffalo Bills

New England at Cleveland:
This has upset written all over it. Or it has blow out written all over it. The Browns will play tough and Mangini will have them ready but New England is just too much for them. No upset and no blow out. Just an ugly win, much like Tom Brady's hair.
Winner: New England Patriots

NY Jets at Detroit:
The Lions are riding high with that win and the Jets are riding low with a loss. We will see how resilient the Jets are. The Jets are more talented but the Lions will give them a run for their money. The Jets escape Detroit with a win in OT.
Winner: New York Jets

New Orleans at Carolina:
The Saints got a major win last week and they will need to be careful with the Panthers. This is a classic trap game.
Winner: New Orleans Saints (I just couldn't pick the Panthers)

Miami at Baltimore:
This could be the battle of the field goal kickers. Both teams are out to prove something. The Dolphins are perfect on the road. Until this game.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

San Diego at Houston:
It all depends on which team actually shows up. The Chargers of last week or the Chargers of the 1st week? Will the Texans of Monday night show up? Or will the Texans of the first week come? San Diego does have to travel but the Texans lost Monday night and are on the short week. ARGH!
Winner: Houston Texans

Arizona at Minnesota:
The Vikings are a mess but one thing can cure that. Winning. And luckily for them, the Cardinals have shown up.
Winner: Minnesota Vikings

NY Giants at Seattle:
The Seahawks are showing signs of life but the Giants are just rolling. Hopefully their bye week doesn't stop that momentum.
Winner: New York Giants

Indianapolis at Philadelphia:
Michael Vick gets his start and it will be interesting to see how the Eagles play. The Colts are hurt and playing last Monday night will not help them. But the Colts are just too good.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Kansas City at Oakland:
Who would have thought that this game will matter? I am loving both teams and how they play and this should be a good one. If it was at Kansas City I would go the Chiefs but I will take the Raiders at home. Hopefully the 2-game streak continues.
Winner: Oakland Raiders

Dallas at Green Bay:
Stick a fork in Dallas. They are done. If the Jags can beat them in Dallas, the Packers can do it at Green Bay. Green Bay needs this game.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Monday Night
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati:
The Bengals swept the Steelers last year but I don't see it happening this year. The Steelers want revenge and the Bengals are... well... the Bengals. I think it will be close until the Bengals need to make plays and then they muck it up.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Nov 3, 2010

The Walking Dead Review

Oh man...

That was good. That was really good.

Very true to the source material. The acting was fantastic and I was surprised by what AMC was able to get away with. In the comic there are a lot of tense moments that on screen felt amplified. There is a lot of gore in the comic book that is unsettling and seeing it in true life really had an impact.

This felt like the comic book.

I feel safer reading the comic book. Maybe it is because it is print and doesn't feel real. The art is realistic but it is nothing like seeing happen for real. The moments in the book that were disturbing were much more disturbing on screen.

So if you are squeamish, you may want to watch it with your face hidden by your hands. So if you want a good scare, if you want a good study on human behavior (and not all of it is good) than this show is for you. The zombies look freaky, they look dead and this feels more like a movie than a TV series. And so far, just in the first episode it looks like the show will go its own way. While being true to the source material, they have already added extra things to it. Nothing big but enough that comic fans will see the difference. But it doesn't detract at all. It really is the icing on the cake.

The only drawback is that going in I know what happens to the characters. I know who survives, I know who dies and I know what is going to happen the majority of the time. And part of me doesn't want to see what happens because I know what is going to happen. But I'll watch it anyway.

Nov 2, 2010

Random Ramblings

It's Tuesday.  My favorite day of the week.

Already it has been a long week. Yesterday my father-in-law came over to help me replace the starter in my car. We have done it before years and years ago but I don't remember it being so difficult. But eventually we got the first bolt off the starter. It only took two hours to accomplish that. Eventually we did get it out and somehow we did get the new one in but I don't think my hands will ever be clean again. Big props to the Miltonator for helping me with it. The car did turn over and it still has some work to do but at least it is running.

I just need to remember that next time my Geo needs the Starter replaced is that it would be easier to just to buy a new car. I woke up this morning sore. The bottom of my back is killing me. Right at the belt loop because I spent hours on my back in the driveway.

I am sure you have noticed some changes with the blog. I thought about renaming the blog but I have followers and people have links to the address and it would be a headache to have everyone switch addresses. And it looks like blogger is not friendly with redirects so I am leaving it be. But I have a new banner and I have a new name for the blog. Bonus points for those that can tell me where the name and font comes from. I also set up a specific page (with link on the side menu) that talks specifically about the old challenge.

It is that time of the year again and I am already behind schedule. But it is one of my favorite times to crank out some writing under the gun. I have decided to write my western in first person perspective. I wanted to get the blog all worked out before I started and I am about 800 words behind. But I am getting this blog out of the way early and then I will be hitting the keyboard this afternoon to get some words out of the way. I am a little nervous about changing perspectives but I am sure I will find my way with it.

Nov 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Day ***

It doesn't matter what day it is! I have officially finished my year-long blogging odyssey.

And I have mixed feelings about it. It seems so anti-climatic. One day I am working on it and suddenly the next day I am done. I think that is the biggest reason (aside from having the opportunity to eat out) why I want to have some sort of celebration.

I think I will miss the daily challenge to come up with something to write about. But after thinking about it, I think I am going to try to stick with a 5-day schedule. No Sundays (unless I really really want too) and I get one floating holiday per week that I can take off. I hope that I don't become lazy and cheat myself out of blogging.

Blogging for the year definitely presented some challenges but I honestly feel that I am a better person for doing it. Since I like lists so much I thought it would be fun to do a List-Mania on what I have learned this past year blogging.

In no particular order:

1) I Learned About Myself
That sounds so cliche' but it is true. One of the biggest benefits that I got out of blogging was posting my goals and New Year's Resolutions online and then being accountable for them. I didn't think I could motivate myself to exercise and run the way I did this past year. In the back of my mind I knew I had people reading my blog and I didn't want to disappoint them. I wanted to prove to them and myself that I can accomplish goals. I look forward to hitting my year mark with my resolutions/goals and then making new ones and blogging about how I am going about to conquer them.

I'll miss you Spaghetti Cat...

2) I Learned Things I Didn't Know About My Family
This was a big one. In preparing some of my blog posts I had to do a little research and found some interesting nuggets of information. But in reading my sister's and cousin's blogs I have been introduced to a bunch of stuff that I didn't know. Take my sister for instance; I had no idea that she was such a big reader. That was news to me! And I thought I knew my cousins before but apparently I don't know them as well as I thought I did. I had no idea how difficult breaking your femurs could be; I had not heard all the stabbing stories. I am happy that my sister and cousins have joined in with the blogging. I feel like I know them so much better and feel closer to them.

3) Meeting New People
The cool thing about meeting new people is being exposed to new ideas. I had met Andrea's family before but I didn't know them. And I was glad to have had the chance to get to know them. I learned to appreciate soccer for example. I also learned different writing styles, I think I changed the way I blogged because of their influence. I also saw a lot of good examples, I saw a lot of qualities that I would like to develop. Because I had other people aside from family taking the challenge, it motivated me to blog my best.

4) A Record of Important Things/Events
I took a quick glance at my blog the other night and found a ton of stuff that I had already forgotten. I am thankful that I took the time to blog about events while they were still fresh. The family get-togethers, the Church events, the little moments with my family. Now I see why it is important to have a diary/journal. Now I can look back on those things and remember them like it was just yesterday.

The Karma Police were integral to my blog.

5) It Surprised Me Who Was Reading My Blog
I knew most of the people that were reading my blog. But it did take me by surprise by some of the e-mails and comments my blog received. Some people in my neighborhood were reading my blog, some old classmates from even elementary school have contacted me. This was fantastic. Remember when I blogged about one of my biggest regrets in school? I have been absolved from that since she took the time to e-mail me after reading that blog. And that incident happened over twenty years ago!

I got much more out of blogging than I thought I would. I still have things that I want to record and I know that I will continue to have experiences that I want to record. So I will definitely continue to blog.

I do urge anyone that has not taken the challenge to get on the blogging bus and do it. It is a sacrifice and you will have to put in some hard work but it is well worth your effort. I hope that my fellow bloggers will continue to blog.

I also want to give a shout-out to my fellow bloggers for accomplishing this mighty goal. And for my fellow bloggers that are in the middle of doing it. I support you completely. Thanks to all those that supported me in blogging. I appreciate your effort.

To anyone that is reading these words... STOP reading and pat yourself on the back.

Thanks Folks!