Oct 31, 2009

A Disclaimer of Sorts


I hope everyone has a safe and profitable (I love Halloween candy!) night. And a big thanks to Steven and his family for having a nice little party last night. It was worth the drive down to Salt Lake.

Logan as Wolverine for his first Halloween!

Tomorrow is the big day! And I am a little nervous.

Between this and the 50,000 word novel I am trying to complete in a month I think I am in for an amazing month. This will be the most that I have written ever. And the only thing that concerns me? I really need to get a space heater for my little office area here. It gets so stinking cold back here it ain't funny.

Aside from the cold, my only other concern will be getting all the pictures scanned and taken and ready to go. But like a fellow blogger said (*cough*Andrea*cough*), a blog without pictures is very boring. I promise when the big day comes, I will have some sort of pictures. I am going to have to spend a day just uploading/editing pictures!

My list of topics is coming together, I guess I have a lot to talk about. Some of the topics I am really looking forward to writing about, some look to be quite the undertaking. I found this out last night, I wrote about something that was a little more personal than I thought. Which brings me to my disclaimer.

I am posting these on Facebook in an attempt to get my friends involved in blogging but I realized that some of my friends just might make an appearance in the blog too! Either in written form or in a picture. I don't have any compromising pictures (except for Doug, I am looking in your direction!) or anything anyone should be embarrassed about. I am not trying to humiliate anyone here but myself. I apologize in advance for offending anyone here, that is certainly not my intent. Hopefully that will make some of you check out the blog!

And a big shout out to my friend Sarah and my sister Jennifer for taking up the challenge.

Oct 30, 2009


I like lists. I can watch shows about lists all day and I have. VH1 recently did a marathon of the 100 best songs of the '80s and I watched it ALL day. The geeky side in me just really loves those shows.

So I was thinking this morning, how can I mix my love of lists into this blog? Will it be boring for my readers? Is it too geeky to do? Then I remembered, it is MY blog and I can make lists if I want too. And besides will I really have an audience?

So here is the plan. Once a week (maybe on Fridays) I will have a list of something instead of a normal column. Why? Well, here are my Top 5 Reasons to have a List.

5) 365 is a lot of columns/blogs. Now I have cut down that number by 52!

4) It will be a nice break from writing story after story and will be fun to write!

3) Because there are things that everyone should know about me. Like my list of favorite Christmas and Birthday gifts that I want. Okay, I am only kidding about that. Even though that does sound like a fun list for me to write about at the risk of boring you guys.

2) I like lists. The geeky part in me is really excited about this new addition!

1) It's MY blog. I am not taking questions/requests from the audience.

Actually, I wouldn't mind any comments or suggestions. Sorry Kristy's family. I will NOT blog about my bike/mugging* story that happened in New York.

*but I can be bribed

Oct 29, 2009

Mountain Dew Brainstorm

Is it the new Mountain Dew flavor? Nope. It is just what I was doing the other night. Is there a better combination? Aside from Mountain Dew and football or Mountain Dew and comics. Hmmmm, maybe it is Mountain Dew that makes everything good. Either way, I can already say that I am having a blast doing this and I have not even started!

The other night I was drinking some Dew and brainstorming for the blog and I think I have come up with quite a fun list. Already I have about thirteen columns ready to go. I just need to add some pictures to those and I am set.

Here is a sneak peak of what is to come!

-Dumb Damond Games

-The Girl known as the "Sack of Potatoes"

-Frodo's Bad Parade Experience (this is for you Jill!)

-Sweeney Todd Tacos (oh, Kristy is going to kill me)

-My Mom and Ric Flair

-The Birth of Logan

And much much more to come!

Oct 27, 2009

The 365 Challenge!

A few nights ago my mind would not shut up. I laid awake with just my thoughts (not a good thing) and I was thinking about the past. I wish I had kept a journal, the only time I kept a journal was while I was a missionary. That probably explains why I remember that time more than others, I actually had something to remind me. So after a few hours of reminiscing, I thought of this challenge. In an effort to record some of my experiences, I have decided to blog every day for a year. 365 days, 365 posts.

And I challenge others to do it too.

All you have to do is get a blog. I like Blogger.com for my blogs. It is very easy to setup so there is no excuse. You don't need to know anything about blogging, all you have to know is how to type and blogger takes care of the rest.

The next step is the hardest. You will have to come up with content for the next 365 days. Coming up with blogs is a little harder than you think, especially since you will be pressed for time. So my advice to you is to get a head start. First, take a few hours to brainstorm and jot down some topics and then give yourself a start date. I am going to start November 1st. Give yourself about a week before you officially start to write up a few blogs so you can have a few stocked up in of an emergency.

Good luck!