Oct 30, 2009


I like lists. I can watch shows about lists all day and I have. VH1 recently did a marathon of the 100 best songs of the '80s and I watched it ALL day. The geeky side in me just really loves those shows.

So I was thinking this morning, how can I mix my love of lists into this blog? Will it be boring for my readers? Is it too geeky to do? Then I remembered, it is MY blog and I can make lists if I want too. And besides will I really have an audience?

So here is the plan. Once a week (maybe on Fridays) I will have a list of something instead of a normal column. Why? Well, here are my Top 5 Reasons to have a List.

5) 365 is a lot of columns/blogs. Now I have cut down that number by 52!

4) It will be a nice break from writing story after story and will be fun to write!

3) Because there are things that everyone should know about me. Like my list of favorite Christmas and Birthday gifts that I want. Okay, I am only kidding about that. Even though that does sound like a fun list for me to write about at the risk of boring you guys.

2) I like lists. The geeky part in me is really excited about this new addition!

1) It's MY blog. I am not taking questions/requests from the audience.

Actually, I wouldn't mind any comments or suggestions. Sorry Kristy's family. I will NOT blog about my bike/mugging* story that happened in New York.

*but I can be bribed


  1. *ducks out from the hedge* "I like lists too." *quickly ducks back*

    I do have to say though Matt that I am mighty impressed that you sat through a whole day of a Top music countdown, I've tried that but then I get all "grrrr" at songs that make it in there. lol.

  2. But did you make your own Top 100 list of your favorite songs? This geek did. And I will share it on the blog. LOL!