Oct 27, 2009

The 365 Challenge!

A few nights ago my mind would not shut up. I laid awake with just my thoughts (not a good thing) and I was thinking about the past. I wish I had kept a journal, the only time I kept a journal was while I was a missionary. That probably explains why I remember that time more than others, I actually had something to remind me. So after a few hours of reminiscing, I thought of this challenge. In an effort to record some of my experiences, I have decided to blog every day for a year. 365 days, 365 posts.

And I challenge others to do it too.

All you have to do is get a blog. I like Blogger.com for my blogs. It is very easy to setup so there is no excuse. You don't need to know anything about blogging, all you have to know is how to type and blogger takes care of the rest.

The next step is the hardest. You will have to come up with content for the next 365 days. Coming up with blogs is a little harder than you think, especially since you will be pressed for time. So my advice to you is to get a head start. First, take a few hours to brainstorm and jot down some topics and then give yourself a start date. I am going to start November 1st. Give yourself about a week before you officially start to write up a few blogs so you can have a few stocked up in of an emergency.

Good luck!


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing your mind's ramblings. :D

  2. You may be sorry you did. ;)

  3. I will take the challenge with you brother AND instead of taking this topic (Kristy and taco bell), I will let you write about it! Hahahaha
    Love you Kristy. Now I must go and learn about blogger.com...

  4. You should! It would be interesting to see if some of our stories match up. :)