Oct 29, 2009

Mountain Dew Brainstorm

Is it the new Mountain Dew flavor? Nope. It is just what I was doing the other night. Is there a better combination? Aside from Mountain Dew and football or Mountain Dew and comics. Hmmmm, maybe it is Mountain Dew that makes everything good. Either way, I can already say that I am having a blast doing this and I have not even started!

The other night I was drinking some Dew and brainstorming for the blog and I think I have come up with quite a fun list. Already I have about thirteen columns ready to go. I just need to add some pictures to those and I am set.

Here is a sneak peak of what is to come!

-Dumb Damond Games

-The Girl known as the "Sack of Potatoes"

-Frodo's Bad Parade Experience (this is for you Jill!)

-Sweeney Todd Tacos (oh, Kristy is going to kill me)

-My Mom and Ric Flair

-The Birth of Logan

And much much more to come!

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