Aug 16, 2011

Bear Lake

Last Tuesday my sister Jennifer invited my family and I up to Bear Lake to spend the day with them at Justin's father's cabin. It sounded like it would be fun and it would be nice to dip our hot feet in a cold lake so we headed up there after I was done with work.

I have not been to Bear Lake in a year or so and I was shocked to see how full the lake was. Normally, you would have to walk and walk and walk to get to the water from the shore. But this time the water was right up to the road. The cabin was not even a stones throw away from the water. I have never seen it so full in my life!

If you look beyond the boat you might be able to see a patch of trees. That is where the water was last year.

The cabin was so awesome. It was better than most homes I have been in.

Normally I am not much of a water guy but I ventured on the jetski with Kristy driving.

We came back and snagged Logan. He was not a fan of it either but by the time we got back we were both used to it.

It was fun just to sit back in the fresh air, eat some Canadian candy (thanks Jennifer!) and chat and relax. It was a very nice day getaway.


  1. The lake looked really beautiful! I'm impressed that you and Logan rode on the jet ski - I am such a wimp I wouldn't have dared to ride on one!

  2. Wow! That is as full as I've ever seen Bear lake. Only been a handful of times but clearly the drought is on hold! :)