Aug 11, 2011

Survey Says!

About a month ago I shared a way that you can take online surveys and get paid for them with the goal of getting  this book through Amazon absolutely free.
Claremont/Lee X-Men Omnibus Vol 1

Well, guess what?

I have now completed enough surveys to pre-order this baby! 


And it was way easy to get my Amazon code. All I had to do is click on a link and they immediately sent an Amazon gift code to my e-mail.

Now the hardest part will be waiting until October for my book to arrive. But until then I will work on some more surveys for my next purchase.
Claremont/Lee X-Men Omnibus Vol 2

Quite the surprise right? There are also two more Queen Remasters Box Sets coming out that I will try to get free as well. This has been totally worth it. If you want to know more, shoot me an e-mail mplatis28(at) and I will give you some info.


  1. That is awesome. I have finally got my account straightened out! I needed to turn off my "kid sensor", but what the heck...

  2. Still need to set mine up at the house (can't use my work e-mail) but then I'll be off to the races with you (except redeeming for different items of course!) :)