Jul 13, 2011

It's Not a Sales Pitch!

Don't you hate it when a close friend, family member or associate tells you that they have an exciting opportunity that you definitely should take advantage of?

Don't you hate it when a close friend, family member or associate tries to sell you something?

Yeah, I hate it too.

But I do have something cool to share with you. And it won't cost you a thing! 

Don't you hate it when that promise is thrown around? I know that usually means that something will cost me. It might be money but it also might mean my time.

As you already know, I absolutely love comic books. I just don't like having to pay full price for them and I have been fortunate through services like DCBS and Amazon, I rarely have to pay full price for any book.

Now there is a book that I definitely want to have.

It collects in an oversized hardcover (meaning it is larger than the average comic book) a full 40 issues of the Uncanny X-Men. I want this because the actual comic books that I own are getting a bit worn out and the paper is was printed on is starting to smudge and this book will have a much, much better print. The colors will be vibrant and the art will leap off the page. So I have to have it!

But if you look at the price tag...  ...yeah that is one expensive comic book! The regular price is $125 but the Amazon price is only $76.47.  

But that still costs quite the pretty penny. A lot of pennies actually. But I have found another way of cutting down that cost down to nothing. Seriously, NOTHING!

An associate of mine informed me that he recently preordered a Fantastic Four Omnibus (much like the one that I am craving) and he paid nothing because he fills out surveys and gets paid with Amazon giftcards. Well, I just had to ask him how he does it and he sent me an e-mail inviting me to take surveys like he does. I initially was a bit skeptical but I tried it anyway and boy am I glad I did.

I joined June 23rd and I took my first easy survey that day. And as of today I have earned $30.60 so far. And I can transform that into a $30.60 Amazon Gift Certificate. Now I have not actually got my Amazon Gift code yet, I am waiting to get the full amount of the cost of the hardcover but I cannot imagine it will be that difficult. All I know is that by the time October rolls around (when that gorgeous X-Men book comes out) I should have the whole thing paid for meaning I get it for FREE!

So if any of you are interested in getting an Amazon Gift Card (they also have other rewards as well) shoot me an e-mail at mplatis28 (AT) hotmail.com and I will refer you to their website.

Once I have got the giftcard and ordered the book, I will post my experience with it.


  1. UPDATE: Now I am at $32.60. 2 bucks more since I wrote this blog.

  2. Wow! You'll be getting an e-mail from me shortly! I don't shop at Amazon.com all that often ... but I will if it's FREE! :)