Jan 8, 2012

Been Caught Stealin'

A few days ago I said that I was cleaning out some of my old stuff and I came across a box with old VHS tapes. Now we don't have a VHS player, ours died a couple of years ago so I have no idea why I was keeping them. I honestly thought I threw them out a long time ago.

What I found were mostly old Church tapes along with a WCW event (the one that I attended live) and my Missionary Moments tape that I made on my mission. I didn't throw those out since I still want them and I will find a way to transfer those to DVD. As I chucked out the other tapes, I opened one of the tape cases and peered inside and found this:

Now I do remember taking this tape home from my mission but I thought I had bought my own. Guess not.

For those that have seen the video, On The Way Home, the kid who plays basketball served in the New York New York North Mission (I was in the South at the same time) and he really wasn't that good at playing basketball.

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