Jan 2, 2012

Sports, Sports and more Sports

I like sports. I especially like football and I am a huge fan of the NFL. Even though my team choked the last three games and will miss the playoffs, I can still enjoy watching other teams compete. I am already looking forward to this coming weekends slate of games. 

I respect all teams even though there are a few teams that I despise. As a Jets fan, I have to hate on the Dolphins and Patriots. As a Jazz fan I have to hate on divisional rivals. That is just part of sports. But I do respect all those organizations. 

Now when it comes to players, it gets a bit tricky. There are some players that I dislike that I still respect. Patriot QB Tom Brady is the best example. But then there are players that I just don't like and usually it is because of how they act beyond the sport. I don't think I could ever like Steelers QB Big Ben because of his actions off the field. And some players I don't like because of their attitude. One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing players that have all the talent in the world act like an idiot and the lose all that they had. That just drives me nuts.

But then there are some players that I just don't like and it has nothing to do with them.  I am talking about BYU's Jimmer and the Bronco's Tebow. It has nothing to do with their abilities, it has nothing to do with their actions off the field. In fact, these players are very classy and actually make their sport better. But for some reason I just can't get behind them.  And I know exactly who to blame. 

Rick Aaron. President of the Jimmer Fanclub. 

I don't blame Rick entirely. I blame all those local media sportscasters that are in love with Jimmer and Tebow. Seriously, there are times that if Jimmer were in the same room as Rick, Rick would end up kissing Jimmer on the mouth. It never ends and it never fails, even though Jimmer is beyond BYU, Rick keeps bringing him back to the sportscast. Even when he is doing basketball highlights that are not BYU/NBA -related he will still sneak in a Jimmer reference. "He took that shot from Jimmer range!"  That sort of comment makes me want to puke. 

The biggest reason I am not a fan of Jimmer and Tebow is because they are constantly being shoved down my throat. Don't get me wrong, I respect each athlete. I am just sick and tired of sportscasters (Rick Aaron is the worst of them) treating them like it is the Second Coming and then preaching (kissing butt) to all of us to worship at the feet of these athletes. When Jimmer and Tebow play in the Super Bowl or NBA Championship game than I think all this fuss would be warranted. Tone down your man-love!

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