Jun 4, 2012


Last Christmas my sister gave me one of the best gifts I have ever been given.

She gave me a New York Jets mug that you can put in the freezer to make your drink slushy. For the last five months or so I put the mug in the freezer and every night after I put Logan to bed, I treat myself to a Mountain Dew. I pour a Dew in and within a few minutes I have some slush.

Well, the other night I did the exact same thing I have been doing for months and I heard this very loud POP! I looked over and saw Dr. Pepper (yeah, I don't drink Mountain Dew every night) pouring from this crack in my mug.

You can see the crack from the bottom to the top. 

I was really looking forward to having some of these during the hot summer nights this year. I am didn't expect this to happen.

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