Jun 13, 2012

My Second Calling

I serve in the Elders Quorum in my local ward here and I have been in that calling for about two to three years. But it seems like I have been in Primary for at least half that time.

Last summer I substituted for a friend for three months and I am the go-to-guy for helping out. I just really like being with the kids. It is like Comedy Central there.

So a few Sundays ago I was subbing once again and they made an announcement for a Teacher's Appreciation Breakfast. I kinda laughed to myself that I should get invited to come since I spend a lot of time there. But of course I was only kidding myself.  Then a knock at the door came a few days later.

I was surprised that I was invited. And I was taken back by the amount of appreciation they gave me at the breakfast with the other teachers. They made it a point to mention that I was sacrificing a lot to not only do my calling but to also teach the children.  The food was fantastic and the small message and amazingly kind words were very uplifting. They also gave us these bottles of water with a package of Crystal Light and with a note.

It is very nice to know that you are appreciated and that someone notices that you are making a difference.

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