Jul 25, 2012

Girl's Camp 2012 Part I

I know I have not blogged in over a month and I apologize for that. I just can't seem to keep the habit. But I knew I had to blog about my experiences at Girl's Camp this year. I look back on last year's entries and I am so thankful that I have a record of my time there. So without further ado, here is what happened at Girl's Camp 2012!

The week at Girl's Camp was some that I will never forget (or want to forget, hence this blog) and it was filled with a lot of fun and a ton of unbelievable experiences. I already have a soft spot for these special Young Women and spending this week with them only solidified this. There is a special bond that happens between the girls and luckily between them and I as well.

I will warn you ahead of time, I will be documenting almost everything. All the funny moments along with all the truly spiritual moments as well, and let me tell you there are a ton of them. And I may getting a little sappy too.

Logan and I ran some errands Tuesday morning, we had to fill up our car with gas and we met my dad at Lee's to have a doughnut. Then we came home and packed up and met at Sister Allen's home at noon. Both Kristy and I were driving and they asked me if I could take the camper up which I initially didn't have a problem with. We met all the girls (there  ended up being eighteen of them) and we had a quick devotional before we headed up Logan Canyon to our camping spot outside of Tony Grove. Logan came with me in the camper and was planning to stay just one night. Originally he was going to stay with us a couple of nights but Kristy and I learned of a little drama/resistance from someone else so we only took him overnight. I really don't want to go over that since by the time camp ended I absolutely had no issues with this certain person.

Look how nice and clean they are! That wouldn't last.

The drive up the canyon was more than I bargained for. The brakes were really REALLY soft and that camper felt like it was shaking and sliding all over the place. We took that first curve in the canyon and both Logan and I got a little sick to our stomachs. Logan hated the drive but the longer I drove it, the more used to it I got. Doesn't mean I liked it though.

We finally got to our campsite and we had a quick lunch and then all the girls set up their tents. Logan and I were lucky enough to get to stay in the camper so we didn't have to worry about setting up a tent.

One of the things girls do at camp is their hair. Who knew right?

Now I don't like to camp. I don't mind it if it is only a day or so but we were not leaving this place until Saturday afternoon! The other male leader that came with me was surprised to hear that I would happily go to Girl's Camp but that I don't like camping any other time. Well, let me tell you why I love Girl's Camp.

I get treated like royalty.
These girls treat me so good. They are always willing and wanting to serve somehow and they like to make sure I am taken care of and included too.

I am well fed.
There is always plenty of food and it is part of my job to make sure that all the food is taken care of. The food is always fantastic and I like to do my part.

I don't fear for my life.
I have been to Scout Camp. When I go to sleep at Girl's Camp, I don't fear that my tent will catch fire. I don't fear that one of the girls will take revenge on me in a scary way. I get to go to sleep peacefully, well as peacefully as I can with all the giggling and talking going into the early morning hours.

 I learn something.
(Here is where I may getting a little sappy) These girls are absolutely wonderful. They are tremendous examples and because of that, I learn something and typically it is something that I should already be doing. Being around these girls really make it easy to be a good person.

I get to serve.
Most of the times they are doing nice things for me but I do manage to get a chance to serve them. One of the reasons I like to go is because I get the chance to use the Priesthood to serve them. 

The rewards definitely outweigh the negatives of camping. 

After I chopped some wood, Logan and I found some shade by the road and sat down. Unfortunately Logan accidentally scraped/bruised himself while shaving some bark off the wood. He is alright but it did hurt him pretty good. He was not the only one that got hurt. When I split this huge log, part of it jumped up and smacked my thumb. I looked down and it looked like my thumb was a little out of place. I twisted it back and felt it slip back into place. I don't think I fully dislocated it or anything but it did look/feel like it was out of place a bit. Logan and I took a break from the wood when two of the girl's Taylor and Kara came over and wished me a happy birthday. I looked over and they had made a paper bag journal just for me. See what I mean? They are always looking to serve and I am touched that they thought of me.

 You can see the bruise starting to form on Logan's hand.

This was after I twisted it back into place. It was sore for only about a day.

Now I like to be a little devious at times with some gentle teasing. I noticed that Bharti was going to get some water in a large heavy bowl. I challenged her to try and raise the bowl over her head knowing that the water would probably spill over. And I was right, she tried to lift it over her head and spilled some of the cold water on her head. That night Logan and I snuck down to the bathrooms and awaited some of the girls to come out. I jumped out and scared them and one of them about died. Her blood curdling scream I am sure was heard back in Logan. I noticed that I also scared Anna so I immediately took off running back to camp. She is a fast runner and I knew that they only way to get away from her was with a decent head start. She caught up to me and smacked me on the head. Luckily for me these girls can take a little teasing. At least I hoped so or it would be quite a long week for them.

After dinner Logan and I retired to the camper after all the girls were sent to bed. Both of us were really tired. So we changed and got into bed when Logan asked if we could close the windows. All of the curtains were wide open! So glad that the girls were already in their tents. How embarrassing!

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