Oct 28, 2011

Upon Further Review: Week Eight Picks

Week 8? Yikes! That means that the season is half over!

I am back down to scoring an 8/13, which is still pretty decent but I would love to have a week where I only miss a game or two. In the fifteen years that I have made picks, I have never got a perfect score. Maybe this week right?

Indianapolis at Tennessee:
The Colts are at least fighting hard but I like the Titans chances at home. And if the Titan's RB Chris Johnson decides to play they definitely should win this one.
Winner: Tennessee Titans

New Orleans at St. Louis:
The Saints have a chance at improving on their score total from last week in this one.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Miami at NY Giants:
If they couldn't defeat the Broncos at home, I doubt they can beat the Giants on the road. But it depends on which Eli Manning will show. Still, I agree with the Dolphin's RB Reggie Bush. They stink.
Winner: NY Giants

Minnesota at Carolina:
I am impressed with the Viking's rookie QB and I don't like the Panthers running defense. I small an upset here and I think the Vikings take advantage and hopefully for the whole game instead of just a half.
Winner: Minnesota Vikings

Arizona at Baltimore:
These picks (so far at least) are a whole lot easier to make this week. The Ravens are angry and will show it at home against an underachieving team.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Jacksonville at Houston:
Both teams got huge wins last week but I only see a letdown with the Jags. It will be a very close one and Houston will win the turnover battle.
Winner: Houston Texans

Washington at Buffalo in Toronto:
The Redskins are hurting and the Bills have never won in Canada. But these Bills are different right?
Winner: Buffalo Bills

Detroit at Denver:
The Broncos are riding the Tebow Madness Train(tm) but I think it all comes to a halt this week. The Lions need to prove that this losing steak is not a trend. Still, I think the Lions have more offensive firepower that even home-field advantage cannot take away.
Winner: Detroit Lions

New England at Pittsburgh:
Now here is a game! The Pats own the Steelers but I just don't see the New England defense holding up. I suspect that this will be a high-scoring game with the Steelers winning on a field goal.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Cleveland at San Fransisco:
Now back to an easier pick. The Browns will fight hard and maybe lead once but the 49ers are really that good this season.
Winner: San Francisco

Cincinnati at Seattle:
Seattle is a tough place to play but the Bengals are playing good ball and really have nothing to lose. I love teams that fly just under the radar.
Winner: Cincinnati Bengals

Sunday Night
Dallas at Philadelphia:
Both of these teams have been disappointment. I have such high hopes for each of these teams (especially when I pick them to win) and almost every time they disappoint. So I am going for the team that would disappoint me the least.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Monday Night
San Diego at Kansas City:
You have to hand it to the Chiefs for pulling off 3 wins after a 3-game losing streak. Playing at Kansas City will be tough for the Chargers who literally threw the last game away. The Chargers should play better but I see them taking the Chiefs lightly.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

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  1. Personally I hope you get all but one of these games right. Can you guess which one this Broncos fan hopes you picked wrong?! :)