Oct 14, 2011

Upon Further Review: Week Six Picks

For the last two weeks I have mentioned that I should be better at picking the games. Now it seems that I am slowly getting worse in my picks. So instead of saying how I'll be better this week, I am instead going to say absolutely nothing.

Nada... zip...

Last week I scored an alright 8/13, I am still above 50% but I would like... ...nevermind. I'll let my picks do the talking.

Carolina at Atlanta:
I could see this going both ways. The Panthers are a lot more competitive and will be hungry to defeat a divisional foe like the Falcons but I think the Falcons will want to enact revenge for their loss last week and they will have the crowd and the veteran leadership to do it. But only barely...
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Indianapolis at Cincinnati:
Who would have thought that Cincinnati would act more like the Bengals than the Bungles? I sure didn't see it coming at all but I do have to appreciate the fight the Bengals are coming out with and I also appreciate the taste of my foot. I thought the Colts would have a win or two by this point as well. The Colts will fight hard as always but the Bengals are at home and have nothing to lose.
Winner: Cincinnati Bengals

San Francisco at Detroit:
Now back in the Tecmo Bowl NES days this would be an outstanding game between powerhouses but fast forward a decade or two and... wait a sec... they are a combined 9-1? I do believe that the Lions are for real but I am still not sure about the 49ers.
Winner: Detroit Lions

I spent hours... days playing that game

St. Louis at Green Bay:
Green Bay has to lose sometime this season right? But not at home and not against the Rams.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Buffalo at NY Giants:
Speaking of the ol' NES Tecmo Bowl days... here is another powerhouse game. I hated playing the Bills in that game and I hated the Giants more because they could block kicks. I think the Bills get revenge for the Superbowl loss (like winning this would really help) and they also show that they are New York's real team (that plays in New York).
Winner: Buffalo Bills

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh:
The Steelers seem to play better when they are hurt. If this was at Jacksonville, I would be tempted to pick the Jags in an upset but I am trying to improve my.... ...not going to talk about it!
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Philadelphia at Washington:
The Redskins are in a good position to heap more dirt on the Eagles but I just cannot see the Eagles packing it in. Even in all their defeats, they play hard and to win. And I am just not convinced the Redskins are that good.
Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

Cleveland at Oakland:
The Raiders are still feeling the emotional effects of the passing of owner Al Davis and that will carry on back to Oakland. They will fight to win at home for Al.
Winner: Oakland Raiders

Houston at Baltimore:
The Texans really should have won last week and that hangover will carry on to Baltimore. I thought that this year's Texans would be different than years past but they are still showing boneheaded ways to lose games.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Dallas at New England:
Did anyone else catch the hilarious NFL Live skit featuring the Romo-coaster? For some reason, I am thinking Romo is going up on the coaster. With Bryant and Austin playing and knowing the Cowboys will run the ball on the worst run defense in league, I think I am smelling an upset here. The Patriots are still one of the best teams but they are looking a lot more human... ...and beatable.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

New Orleans at Tampa Bay:
The Bucs should play pretty good here since they didn't go to SF last week at all. But the Saints are still the team to beat in that division. Closer than many will think but the Saints are just too much.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Sunday Night:
Minnesota at Chicago:
The Vikings finally ran the ball but unfortunately they did it all in the 1st half again. The Bears collapsed last week in the 2nd half. So how is the NFL math going to add up here:
Winner: Chicago Bears 

Monday Night:
Miami at NY Jets:
It always seems to me that the Jets are just horrible when they play in prime time games. And Rex Ryan's Jets are only 1-4 (and losing all home games) against the Dolphins. This smells like disaster for the Jets, they cannot lose this game. The good thing is that Mark Sanchez has thrown over 200 yards and two touchdowns in each game (except for the Ravens game) and the Dolphins are easy in the middle. The Jets have to win...
Winner: New York Jets

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  1. I need to do a better job of reading your picks BEFORE the games happen! :)