Oct 8, 2011

Upon Further Review: Week Five Picks

Yikes, instead of scoring higher, I scored much lower. I still got over 50% of the games with a final score of 9/16. Now I am not so confident this week with my picks.

Philadelphia at Buffalo:
Now this has the makings of being a high scoring game. The Bills will want to avenge their loss against the Bengals last week and the Eagles want to show that they are the NFC East leaders. One team will not get what it wants and I see a close one with the Eagles squeaking out a win in a very hostile environment.
Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

Kansas City at Indianapolis:
You have to hand it to the Colts, they have played the last two games competitively but unfortunately they were both in losing efforts. That will begin to take its toll while the Chiefs are coming off a gutsy win. I am not a fan of the loser of a Monday Night game in winning the next week but I think the Colts have a chance against the Chiefs. It will be close but I think the Colts will win this one.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Arizona at Minnesota:
Sure we all know that the Vikings can get the lead going into the 2nd half but can they keep it for the whole game? I think they can, even though they will try their hardest to lose it.
Winner: Minnesota Vikings

Seattle at NY Giants:
The Seahawks are another team that I cannot call. I think they will be outclassed in this cross-country game but then if I say that, they will absolutely clobber the Giants. Sorry, Giants fans, I gotta go with you.
Winner: NY Giants

Tennessee at Pittsburgh:
The Titans saw the blueprint from the Texans and Ravens and I think they have enough talent and guts to win at Pittsburgh. But then, the Titans beat the Ravens who beat the Steelers. And we know how things add up in the NFL right? The math never works.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

New Orleans at Carolina:
The Panthers will make a run at it but the Saints just have way too much firepower and just enough defense to take the Panthers out.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Cincinnati at Jacksonville:
The Bengals proved that they will go down fighting and will take a few teams with them. The Jaguars unfortunately had to go with a rookie to win games. While I eventually think they will, I don't see it happening much this season. But this game will give them a taste.
Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars

Oakland at Houston:
The Raiders will fight hard in honor of Al Davis. Unfortunately they are going up against a team that is loaded offensively. But then these are the Texans and they usually fold after good games. I think the Raiders shock the NFL and put a pounding on the Texans in an upset.
Winner: Oakland Raiders

Tampa Bay at San Francisco:
Both teams had good wins last week and I think this will come down to the long cross-country trip, the short week to prepare and the homefield advantage. But then these are the 49ers. Better flip a coin.
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (by tails)

San Diego at Denver:
The Broncos are always tough at home but the Chargers will pull away in the 2nd half.
Winner: San Diego Chargers

NY Jets at New England:
My heart wants to pick the Jets. And I think they have what it takes to pull off a win. They did it at New England last year in the playoffs. No one is picking the Jets, just like last year. The Pats will want to avenge a loss and unfortunately I think they will. This will put the Jets in a terrible situation and the Pats will want to stick to them. I hate to do this but...
Winner: New England Patriots

I hate myself now.

Sunday Night
Green Bay at Atlanta:
The Packers have to lose sometime right? But I don't think the Falcons have an edge to them. It will start close but the Packers are just too powerful.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Monday Night
Chicago at Detroit:
The crowd will be hot and the Lions will be jacked up for this game. The Bears will try their best but the Lions will put on a show. The Lions remind me of the Saints a few seasons ago when the Saints won the Superbowl. They are finding other ways to win.
Winner: Detroit Lions

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  1. Too bad you guys don't live closer, Steve is so excited for the game and doesn't have anyone to share it with. He'll be happy you picked the Lions to win :)