Oct 21, 2011

Upon Further Review: Week Seven Picks

I avoided packing up all my Jets stuff this week with a nice win by the Jets against the hated rival Dolphins. My Jets still have a ton of work to do but I did see some improvements last Monday. I am hoping that the offense just picks it up this week and they will need it against a high-scoring offense in the Chargers.

I scored a decent 9/13 which is one better than last week. I had some close calls and I am wagging my Finger of Shame at you Cowboys! They really should have had that game.

Seattle at Cleveland:
Both teams have been inconsistent this year. Seattle is better than I thought and Cleveland is worse than I thought. I see the fortunes being reversed here:
Winner: Cleveland Browns

Atlanta at Detroit:
The Falcons came away with a great win against the rival Panthers and they have some momentum. The Lions lost at the end and I am curious to see how this team reacts to a loss like that. Can the Lions prove that they are a good team by bouncing back? This will show us how mentally tough the Lions are. I think they win in a squeaker.
Winner: Detroit Lions

Houston at Tennessee:
Tough game to call here. The Texans need this win to end a 2-game losing streak. The Titans have nothing to lose and could really make the AFC South interesting by pulling a win out. And that is exactly what I think they will do.
Winner: Tennessee Titans

Denver at Miami:
So Miami wants to celebrate Tim Tebow and they are throwing this huge celebration. Doesn't he play for the other team? I am sure the Dolphins want to do everything they can to spoil Tim Tebow but from what I saw Monday night, I don't think the Dolphins have enough in the tank to take an emotional Tebow out. And Miami is terrible at home too.
Winner: Denver Broncos

San Diego at NY Jets:
The Jets need this game and I think they could pull off a win in New York. If the Jets defense can slow the running game, I think they have a chance. And I think the two former Chargers in Cromartie and Thomlinson will want to beat their former team.
Winner: New York Jets

Chicago at Tampa Bay:
Boy I didn't expect the Bucs to reply to a butt-whupping like that! Beating the Saints on their turf will give them major momentum and I expect them to come out firing against the Bears. The Bears and QB Jay Cutler looked fantastic against the Vikings but don't expect a repeat.
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Washington at Carolina:
I am still not a believer in the Redskins and the Panthers are playing a lot better than anyone expected. It seems to me that the pressure to perform is on the Redskins and the Panthers are just playing loose. That is not to say that the Panthers are not being serious, I just think they are playing with no expectations. And that will be the difference in this one.
Winner: Carolina Panthers

Kansas City at Oakland:
This will be a lot closer than anyone thinks. If the Chiefs can slow down the run, they have a glimmer of hope. Sounds easy right? Yup, it's not. The Raiders will run, run, RUN on the Chiefs.
Winner: Oakland Raiders

Pittsburgh at Arizona:
It will take awhile for the Steelers to find their footing but once they do they will dominate the Cards. The Superbowl rematch will not even be close.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

St. Louis at Dallas:
The Cowboys should have had that game against the Pats. Luckily for them, the injured Rams roll into town. The Cowboys better take them seriously.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Green Bay at Minnesota:
Rookie QB Ponder will provide a small spark but the Packers are just too much for them. The Packers have to lose sometime right? Not this week.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Sunday Night
Indianapolis at New Orleans:
This Superbowl rematch will not be close either. I am sure QB Drew Brees will want to vent against the hapless Colts.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Monday Night
Baltimore at Jacksonville:
I still think that the Jags have some talent but I don't think they have enough to take out one of the top teams in the NFL in the Ravens. And I am sure the Ravens are slobbering at the bit to take on a rookie QB.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

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