Nov 17, 2011

Here's a Quickie

I have a lot going on unfortunately I have not had a lot of time to blog. The novel is progressing well, last night I hit 33,333 words and I am well ahead of schedule. And the novel has unexpectedly gone some directions I didn't think it would go. Some situations in the book have come more quickly and it looks like a MAJOR confrontation that I had briefly thought about will happen and it will be a doozy!

And part of me is not liking writing about the bad stuff that is going to happen to my main character. A lot of bad stuff is coming and it has to come so the character will grow.

Anyway, I am not here to blog about my book but to pick the winner of the NFL game tonight.

NY Jets at Denver:
Oh, this game worries me. The Jets need this game in a bad way since they sucked it last week. And I don't blame QB Sanchez at all for the loss last week. I blame the Offensive Coordinator, while at times he can be brilliant and some of his play design is fantastic but the guy does not know how to run a game. Last week the Jets should have thrown all over the Pats but they didn't. A few good throws but they should have really attacked the Pats. I think the Jets have more talent than the Broncos but the Broncos are riding high with an unconventional Tebow game. I think this week against an angry Jets team, the lack of throwing offense will cost the Broncos the game.
Winner: New York Jets*

*yeah did you think I would pick the Broncos? Especially since I will be seeing my aunt and uncle from Colorado tonight? And yes, I am already wearing my Jets gear proudly.

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