Nov 12, 2011

Upon Further Review: Week Ten Picks

It is hard to believe that I have made picks for 10 weeks already. Time sure passes by quickly especially during football season. I dropped off to a pathetic 9/14 in picking games and already this week I am 0-1. Stupid Raiders, they failed me twice!

New Orleans at Atlanta:
This game could decide the division and will definitely feel like a playoff game. The Saints are struggling on the road and the Falcons are red-hot. While I do think this could go both ways and I expect both teams to come out swinging, I am going with the home team.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati:
Another game that could have major playoff implications. The under-the-radar Bengals face a true test against an angry Steelers team wanting revenge from last week. For some reason I feel that the untested and unknown Bengals will no longer be under-the-radar after this game. I just see the Steelers looking past the Bengals a bit just enough for them to get bitten. I smell an upset.
Winner: Cincinnati Bengals

St. Louis at Cleveland:
The Rams were so close last week and the Browns are just not improving. The Browns will keep it close but I think it will all come down to the running game which the Rams have with RB Steven Jackson.
Winner: St. Louis Rams

Buffalo at Dallas:
It will be interesting to see how the Bills react after a big loss at home. The Cowboys finally posted a good win unfortunately it was against the hapless Seahawks. But a win is a win and I think the Cowboys will continue their dominance over the Bills.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Jacksonville at Indianapolis:
This is a winnable game for the Colts but I have this feeling that the Jaguars are going to cut their rookie QB loose and see what he has. The Colts are at least competitive and I think they rattle off a win here.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Denver at Kansas City:
If Miami can come into KC and put a butt-whuppin on the Chiefs, the Broncos definitely can. But I think the Chiefs will respond to an ugly loss especially against a divisional foe.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Washington at Miami:
Winning sure cures a lot of things and Miami will come out fighting. The Redskins are in some serious trouble and unfortunately the injuries will play a major factor in the game. It will be close but the Dolphins will prove they are too much for a weakened team.
Winner: Miami Dolphins

Arizona at Philadelphia:
The Eagles sure laid an egg Monday night and they are slowly playing themselves out of contention. Head Coach Andy Reid will have them prepared to play one game at a time. The Eagles just have too much talent that they could lose to the Cards.
Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

Houston at Tampa Bay:
A lot of Texans fans are angry that experts are only grading them a "B" so far this season. They claim the running game is the best and the defense has made a huge jump from last year. Those facts are true and I agree but the Texans need to beat the teams they should beat and quit laying eggs. They should be able to beat a Tampa Bay team and to get to the next level they need to win this game. And I think they are ready.
Winner: Houston Texans

Tennessee at Carolina:
The Panthers are at home so they should win. You cannot count on the Titans so they probably should win. Guess I should flip a coin. It came up Cam Newton.
Winner: Carolina Panthers

Baltimore at Seattle:
Please Ravens don't lose your heads. This is a classic trap game.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Detroit at Chicago:
The Bears certainly looked good last Monday night but they faced a lazy and unmotivated Eagles defense. The Lions are coming off a bye week and once again the Lions are getting no respect. No one at ESPN picked the Lions. Now to prove that I am better than the experts at ESPN.
Winner: Detroit Lions

NY Giants at San Francisco:
Ooooo this is gonna be good. The Giants are flying high and the 49ers are playing hard and winning by pushing other teams around. I am still not convinced that the Giants are for real yet.
Winner: San Francisco 49ers

Sunday Night
New England at NY Jets:
I think I am going to die from excitement. Are the Pats sliding down? Can the Jets use this opportunity to take the division? I think the Jets play best when their backs are against the wall and I still think they are not getting enough credit. The Pats will be tough but I gotta go with the Jets!
Winner: New York Jets

Monday Night
Minnesota at Green Bay:
The Packers have to lose sometime right? RB Adrian Peterson could give the Packers fits but the Pack can gun it out through the air to keep up. The Packers continue to roll.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

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  1. I would love it if the Broncos make you miss another pick against them ... But we have a horrible history of losses @ Arrowhead in November games.