Nov 20, 2011

Upon Further Review: Week Eleven Picks

It's late.

I just got home after a harrowing trip down to Salt Lake City for a cousin's wedding. I'll blog about that more in length this week.

So here are some quick picks.

Cleveland Browns over Jacksonville
Detroit Lions over Carolina
Green Bay Packers over Tampa Bay
Miami Dolphins over Buffalo
Oakland Raiders over Minnesota
Dallas Cowboys over Washington
Baltimore Ravens over Cincinnati
St. Louis Rams over Seattle
San Francisco 49ers over Arizona
Atlanta Falcons over Tennessee
Chicago Bears over San Diego
NY Giants over Philadelphia
New England Patriots over Kansas City

1 comment:

  1. It was a bad storm, glad you are back safe and sound. I thought I would let you know how much we like the Broncos, if you didn't know......and Mike is from Iowa and me a Rams fan for years, then i switched to Arizona with Kurt W. i have no real favorites anymore but Like what TeBow is doing