Jul 22, 2011

The Camp Shirt

The girls made my camp shirt last Wednesday and I got it yesterday. They were super excited to make them, which makes me happy and they made a shirt for the Bishop and one of his counselors that will be coming up each evening.

Front: It has our camp slogan "Be True" emblazoned on the front. I also like the fact that it is in Aggie Blue, so it could also be talking about being a True Aggie.

Back: It made me smile that they put the word "SECURITY" on the back and my nickname of "Dr. Pepper" on the bottom. 

My shirt turned out very well and I will be proud to wear it at camp. The Bishop and his counselor's shirts are similar only they have their own nickname on the bottom. I really don't mind my nickname since the Bishop's is "MIFLAW" and Joseph's is "Sister Dimples". I could have had a worse nickname. By the way, the Bishop's stands for the Shaina Twain song, "Man! I feel like a woman!"   I am also a little flattered that they would think that I am there at Girl's Camp as "security". It is true, I am there to help and protect the girls and I am glad that they know I will help them out in anyway if needed.

It should be a lot of fun and I have to admit that I am looking forward to it.

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  1. Security! And then Dr Pepper will come out of the woods with Sister Dimples and to the rescue!

    Fun stuff! Girls camp isn't that far off for me and I'll be going for 13 years straight (from Brooklyn's first year down to Myra's last year ... if my math is right). Sheesh! :)