Jul 11, 2011

That Blows

I had no clue that the weather turned all nasty this weekend here in Logan. Kristy, Logan and I were down south in Salt Lake at our nephew's baptism (more on that later) and it was nice and warm.

But apparently the weather up here was not as nice.

Take a look at this tree from across the street from my mom's house! That old pine tree was huge! And now SNAP! It is gone.

My mom and the house are all safe. Thanks to my Aunt Margo and my neighbor Kent for the neat pictures. And thanks to all those that came out and helped my mom clean up the yard. Like I said, I had NO CLUE that Richmond was hit was such foul weather.


  1. Holy cow!! I was in shock when my mom told me about this freak windstorm/hurricane/tornado/whatever you want to call it! I'm glad your mom is all right! Scary photos!

  2. Those pics really do tell the story. Good time to be "out of town."