Jul 6, 2011

C'Mon NFL!

One of my favorite things to do around my birthday is to go and buy the annual Athlon Football Preview issue. I spend hours pouring through that issue as it recaps the previous season and covers all the news and predicts what will happen the next season. 

Well, that issue is MIA. 

Because of the lockout, that issue is not coming out and it looks like training camps (one of my favorite things to follow) may be canceled. Roger Goodell, the players and the owners really need to sit down and work out a deal because I want my football back! The first Sunday games are scheduled for September 11th, the ten year anniversary of that horrible day. Football was one of the things that helped heal this nation. I know it was a great relief to be ordinary and watch football just barely after the attacks. 

Make this work guys!

I would totally watch this! But I would rather have the NFL come back. I would be willing to watch the Twilight movies every weekend to have the NFL back. I would be willing...  ...well, you don't want to know what I would be willing to do to have the NFL come back. 


  1. Thanks for posting the funnyordie.com clip of "Field Of Dreams 2 Lockout" - it was hilarious! Hopefully the lockout will end soon!

  2. I gotta check that link when I get home tonight ... NFL, NBA, hard to be a sports fan any more.

  3. I hope Mike and I don't have to have real conversations during the season, instead of watching the games. What will we ever do with our
    Sundays....hahaha. Thanks goodness we love College just as much...I hope it ends soon, I was really looking forward to some of the new players they had drafted,and seeing them get in a game or two.