Jul 23, 2011

Geeks Like Me

For geeks like me, this weekend is one of the best weekends to come around each year. It is the annual San Diego Comic Con! And I wish I was there to see all the sights and take in all the excitement. Like I said, the weekend in San Diego would be something that really is up my alley.

I am kinda bummed about not attending this year since they have a panel devoted to my favorite comic artist of all time; Alan Davis! One of these days I will get a chance to meet him in person.

But one of the things that excited me most coming out of the comic con was the trailer for the second season of the Walking Dead. The short first season of the Walking Dead surpassed all of my expectations and from the looks of this trailer, I am looking to be blown away again. Man, October cannot get here quick enough.

As a fan of the comic book, seeing some of these scenes brought to life is harder than I thought it would be to "see". Some of the scenes, I have seen before but others are brand new and I am not exactly sure who will survive. If the book taught me anything, it is that no one is safe. So looking forward to the return of this excellent show.

1 comment:

  1. What a intriguing trailer! Never seen the show or read the comic book but it seems like it could be a little too scary for my tastes. Very cool, but I'll enjoy it vicariously through your blogs! :)