Mar 24, 2011

The Drama Queen

A couple of days ago Logan and I were playing around in the front room tossing this hard, plastic football around. I told him that I would throw at his feet and he should dive down to make the spectacular catch. He did what he was told but unfortunately his old man didn't hold up his end of the bargain. I accidentally threw it high and it cracked him in the side of the head.

It left a nice mark and everything. Kristy offered to get some ice for his head and he readily accepted. Personally, I didn't think he needed it but I was not going to argue. So Kristy got out an ice pack and since it was dinner she wrapped it around his head so he could eat. He must have been a little self conscience of it since he got mad at us even if we cracked a smile.

It looks like he might be trying not to laugh in this picture but trust me, it was all drama!

He finally let Kristy take a real picture. And of course he has to be funny too.

Kristy and I both got the grand idea to take a picture of his "mummy" head. Logan did not agree with it and tried to keep mom in the kitchen. He didn't see me sneak out to grab the camera and when he saw me emerge from the back room he screamed and ran up to his room. He slammed the door right when I got to his room but I managed to get in. I feel a little bad that I tricked him into opening his bedroom door by saying the camera was turned off but I more than likely he would forget this situation when he got older and I wanted to have a picture so I wouldn't forget. So I snuck a picture of him quickly and he was not happy.

But we did manage to cheer him up a bit during dinner. I won't even mention the part when he spit out his beans when I made him laugh.

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  1. That second picture is AWESOME !!! What a ham! :)