Mar 14, 2011

The Pine Wood Derby

I have never participated in a Pine Wood Derby. In fact when I first heard of them I thought everyone was only kidding around. That was something from the movies and not real right?


I never made it as a varsity scout in Canada and when I moved to the States I pretty much lost interest in scouting. It is just not my thing. I will support it and I will support Logan in scouting but that will be my extent. I am not sure what turned me off from scouting, I didn't mind doing some of the camp outs and things. Looking back it might have been some of my leaders who were a little too gung-ho for my liking.

So I have never participated in a Pine Wood Derby. I have never been to one, I have never even seen what one looks like. So when Logan brought his kit home I was both excited and intimidated. I don't know much about working with wood, I don't think I have carved or done anything with wood. And here I was supposed to help Logan make a car out of a block of wood!

Grandpa even made a little pilot for the car.

Thank goodness for Grandpa Breinholt. He came up to help Lynn with her house and he volunteered to help out. Even when he smashed his thumb and went back to West Jordan, he still came up and helped Logan with his car. Grandpa built the car and weighted it carefully and put on all the wheels and Logan painted it. I do have to admit that I was relieved that Grandpa was helping out.

Last Thursday night was the big competition. There were about 30-40 other kids and their cars there excited to race. We first had a nice quick dinner that was provided and then the real competition started.

Logan looks so serious here with his arms crossed (on the left). He was all business.

That was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I was a little surprised at how anal precise the people that ran the show was.

This was one of Logan's 1st place races

Logan did pretty well. At least I think he did well, remember this is our first one. He had four heats and placed 1st in two of them. He took 2nd and 3rd in his other races. He was certainly proud of himself.


  1. I feel the same way about scouts - I support the program and those that are involved, and the kids that love it, but I don't have any interest in it. I knew a lot of "gung-ho" types and they definitely soured me on the whole experience. Logan's car looked awesome! Loved seeing it in action (thanks for the video clip!)

  2. I would have preferred if ANY leader had tried to be precise about ANYthing at the last derby we had. Ben got to race exactly ONCE ... single-elimination tournament ... and he raced solo against the eventual winner. How is that fair?! Logan's car looks good though so I am glad he had fun! :)