Mar 11, 2011


I have been trying to write every other day (and still skip Sundays) and I was going to blog about Logan's Pine Wood Derby race that went on last night but after the tragic events of this morning I have just lost the desire to write about something so inconsequential and small.

Things like this certainly make me stop in my tracks and think. The problems I have in my life, the things that annoy me (like dog poop) are just completely petty and stupid in comparison to what others are going through.

It makes me want to shut up and quit blogging altogether.


  1. I can totally relate... but I don't think you should stop blogging. The magnitude of what is going on is what makes it so important for you to document these 'little' things for your posterity!!

  2. Here is my "wise advice" ... History will always carry a report of "major" events, including natural disasters. But the writings of "everyday people" are grossly underestimated and largely unavailable specifically because people think the "everyday" is not worth documenting. They (and you if you don't mind me being so bold) are wrong. It is, in fact, the very "everyday" things that can help future generations learn from us and be better than we are. Think about letters you received from Grandma Anhder on your mission (I am certain she wrote you as often as she wrote me). They are not inconsequential, nor are they small. They are cherished and your words may be that way for someone either now or in the future.

    Blog away my cousin! Blog away! :)