Mar 5, 2011

Random Ramblings: The End and a Beginning

This morning I did something that I have not done in years. And it is something that I want to do more of but I just have not found the right person.

That did not come out right. This morning I rediscovered one of my favorite things, playing racquetball. I started playing with some of the guys at my last job but when I quit I didn't play again. The hardest thing is to find someone to play with. I could play with Kristy but then we would have to find someone to watch Logan and we usually forget and we end up not playing. Then I discovered a guy in my ward that used to play. The last time that he played he dislocated his knee cap and that was years ago too.

We both were a little nervous playing. But we had a lot of fun and we matched up very well together. He took a huge lead in the first game and it was at that point where I am just playing for exercise and not for fun. But then I mounted a comeback and took the first set. Joseph easily took the second and the tiebreaker was the most tense and fun. I took a big lead but just couldn't seal the deal and he made a good comeback and tied it all up. But I ended up winning the last set and am now Champion!

So a new beginning...  ...and now an ending.

Today was also Logan's last basketball game and he went on a high note. For some reason he was really into the game and took over. He scored 18 points and must have had the same amount of rebounds. He didn't play on the floor this time either! But he did very well and is very excited to get into the advanced league next year. We stayed to watch my nephew Dax play his last game and he played very well too. I like watching Dax because he is a good defender, he is one of those defenders that can get under the skin of whoever he is covering.

After the game Logan got his certificate and it was funny to see that former Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan has signed it. End of an era there.


  1. Wow! I loved the intro to this blog ... wonder what Kristy thought as she started to read it?! :)

    Goodbye Jerry Sloan ... we will miss you!

    Congrats to Logan on the tremendous double-double, but watch out because the scouts will be coming for him now! :)

    And maybe you can move out here and teach me raquetball ... I am sure I would love it and would gladly play as often as we would both be allowed. :)

  2. You certainly got my attention with your first paragraph! And I wasn't disappointed with what this ended up being about - great job! That's so cool that you are playing racquetball again! And I'm very impressed with Logan! Fantastic basketball player! You and Kristy must be so proud of him!