Mar 19, 2011

Professor Platis

A few weeks ago students from Utah State University came and visited Logan's school one evening and put on a science fair. They taught them how a science fair works and they performed experiments. Unfortunately we were unable to attend but Kristy wanted Logan to participate in their school's science fair a few weeks later. For Christmas Logan got a cool science kit that showed how water filtering works and cleans the water and he wanted to use that kit for his experiment.

The science kit showed how proper water filtering works and what order the filters (carbon, paper filter, sand and gravel) should be in to get the cleanest water. Logan's experiment was to change the order of the filters and see if it cleans the water as well. So he put it altogether with the help of his mom and found out the answer. Then he took pictures and put them on some poster boards and went to the competition last Wednesday night.

There were a lot of very cool experiments and all the kids did a great job. Then the same students from Utah State University came and judged each one. They interviewed each kid and see what they learned and then they awarded the best of each grade.

Kristy told me that one of the judges asked for his last name so we thought maybe he had a good chance of winning. They announced the 1st grade who won and then they said that the 2nd grade was the toughest one. It was down to two of them and it was hard for them to choose. And then they announced the winner.

Logan Platis!  (although they did pronounce our last name wrong)

He looked at us surprised and we shoved him to the front. He was quite the proud kid and he looked so cute up there with all the winners.  Good job Logan!


  1. Yay, Logan!! Way to go!! That is awesome!!

  2. He must get it from Kristy! Just kidding! How awesome for the little Professor!

    So was it pronounced "Play-tis" or "Plah-tee" or "Platts" or "Plaaaa-tiz" ? So many ways to mess it up! :)