Apr 27, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Part III

Time for another round!

Day 12 - A Song From A Band You Hate
Paint it Black - Rolling Stones
Hate is such a strong word. I don't think that I hate any band in particular. There are bands that I dislike but I wouldn't say that I absolutely hate them. I am just either unfamiliar with their work or I their sound just doesn't do it for me. Now I know I am going to get a lot of hate  (hopefully not hate... just dislike) for this selection. It is not that I hate this band because I don't. I just don't feel the love so strongly. But on the flip side, I absolutely love this song. Just plain love it. Just something about the sound and the lyrics.

Day 13 - A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure
Barry Manilow - Can't Smile Without You
My mom listened to Barry Manilow a lot when I was younger and I think it must have become ingrained since I actually listen to him from time to time. I only listen to a few of his songs but one of them recently has become a favorite of mine. And I blame Hellboy for it.

Day 14 - A Song That No One Would Expect You To Love
Reggae Cowboy - Bellamy Brothers
Many, many years ago my dad went through a country phase where all he listened to was country music. Now I am not a country music fan. Just not my style of music at all. I can appreciate some country music but I don't actively pursue it and I will change the channel. My dad listened a lot to the Bellamy Brothers and there was this one song that I kinda liked. And I have absolutely no idea why I liked it but I did. I think it was because it was a different country song. Sure it had all the typical country sounds and stuff but it seemed different. I liked it so much that I actually bought the song off of iTunes.

Day 15 - A Song That Describes You
White and Nerdy - Weird Al
I admit it. I am white. And I am nerdy. Yeah, I do collect X-Men comics (and I can name the issues he holds here and tell you exactly what happens in each one) and I do have some action figures. And when I dance, I do dance a little a lot like Donny Osmond in this video. Now I don't get freaky with bubble wrap (like I would admit that here anyway) and I have never stayed up at night debating which Star Trek Captain was the best (isn't it obvious which one is?) and I don't think I am that nerdy. 

Day 16 - A Song That You Used To Love But Now Hate
Love Bites - Def Leppard
I grew up with hair bands and Def Leppard was the biggest one around. Their whole Hysteria album was awesome and I loved all the songs. Their ballad Love Bites was one of my favorites but for some reason in the last 10 years or so, I cannot stand it! I have tried to listen to it many times but I just can't get the love back. In fact, I dislike it so much now that I won't even look it up on YouTube and play a clip here!


  1. Okay ... so the Rolling Stones song is NOT my cup of hot cocoa, but the others were all worth my time to listen to!

    My mom is still a huge Manilow fan and one of his songs that I've always loved is "A Little Travelling Music Please" ... check it out sometime as I think you might be able to tolerate it. :)

    That was the first time I've ever heard Reggae Cowboy and it was quite entertaining!

    Love me some Weird Al, but I always have! My favorites of his have always been his original works though, especially when he is singing about lost loves, etc. like in "One More Minute" ... perfection in satire!

    My song that I used to love but hate now would be "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston. Just cannot stand it now ... such diva grandstanding and bad church dance memories! :)

  2. Well, I may not understand it, but I can at least accept the fact that you don't like The Rolling Stones (I love 'em!), but I can understand why you love "Paint It Black" - it is an awesome song!

    Barry Manilow is definitely a guilty pleasure, and "Can't Smile Without You" is right up there!

    Oh my gosh! I didn't realize it was the Bellamy Brothers who recorded "Reggae Cowboy" - I took a line dancing class in college and we used to dance to this song. Great song!

    "White And Nerdy" - ah, Weird Al is a genius!

    "Love Bites" - despite being a #1 hit for Def Leppard it's not a favorite of mine either.