Apr 21, 2011

The Queen CD Situation

A couple of blogs ago I blogged about being part of a CD Club. The first one that I participated in was on the Joe Quesada Boards. We had a ton of people sign up (we would choose which month we would do it) and I remember being so excited that I started to brainstorm what I would put on my CD months before I would send one out.

Can you guess what my CD was all about?

Finally, the time crept closer and I decided to do something that had not been done before with the CD club. Instead of choosing a bunch of different songs, I decided to choose all my favorite Queen songs and do a Queen-themed CD. I didn't just want this CD to be all of the more popular Queen tracks, I went with some personal favorites and tried to pick some of the deeper cuts and definitely some of those that covered their wide spectrum of musical genres. It was rough but I finally made my choices and started to burn the CDs. I made my own cover art which featured all the members of Queen along with me photoshopped in it so I looked like I was part of the group. On each CD I also sketched in black marker something that I thought the person would like, just for fun. I put a heck of a lot of work into it but I really enjoyed myself in doing so.

I threw myself right behind Roger, in between Freddie and Brian.

Unfortunately the original cover art did not survive the big hard drive swap and I lost it forever.  I kept a blog at work during this time and I blogged about one specific review:

* * *
People on the JQ boards are getting their Queen CD's and I am a little curious to hear what people think about it. I do not mind honesty at all, I am sure that Queen is not every one's cup of tea but I have to admit that I was a little surprised by some people's reactions. If you don't like it, you don't have to be mean about it. Just be truthful. If you have to be brutal maybe it would be best if you just bit your tongue. And if you have to say something, at least extend some appreciation for all the hard work I put into it. I was surprised by one particular post:

"Got the CD and got a sweet Hellboy sketch on it! Unfortunately for me that's all the enjoyment I'll get out of it. I listened to it and it still didn't change my dislike towards Queen. I've always found Queen to be a homosexual band. Not meaning all band members were gay, but that the music, lyrics and style all lent itself to the gay culture. I'm not meaning this as negative or a slam either, don't misunderstand my meaning. I just find it difficult to relate to their music.

Kind of the same thing with Elton John... I like a few of his songs but for the most part I feel like he's throwing a party I wasn't invited to. Just to illustrate my point a little further I'd say Aerosmith is a heterosexual band. Which is not to say you can''t be straight and like Queen, nor gay and like Aerosmith... I just have a mental block in regards to some things that I feel were not made for me.

I'm pretty sure I've lost you all at this point. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to do it and I'll probably hang the CD up at work next to my Hellboy calender."

I was happy that he liked the quick sketch that I did for him of Hellboy but I was certainly troubled by his response. Are there gay bands and heterosexual bands? Sure, Freddie was gay, but does that matter? Music is music. So I responded with this:

"Glad you liked the sketch. I enjoyed putting the CD together. To be honest, your comments seem very close-minded. Music shouldn't have any stereotypes or any stigma attached to them. Music is just simply music. I don't want this to turn into a huge discussion about sexual orientation, I do appreciate your honesty. A few people here are excited by the CD and some are looking forward to receiving it. And I don't think sexual orientation has anything to do with it. Remember that this is a piece of me. When you bag on it, you really are bagging on me."
He was a nice enough fellow and I remembered we shared our love of Hellboy comics but I just couldn't understand his thinking. He has the right to say and think what he wants but I am amazed how backwards his thinking was. How sad it must be for him, he unfortunately is going to miss out on a lot of stuff because of our narrow-minded he is. We should be celebrating our talents and sharing it with others no matter what our race, religion or sexual preference. We all have two big things in common, no matter what we look like and what we do, we are all human. And more importantly, all of us are all God's children* and we need to love and respect each other. No matter what our differences are.

How awesome is this pic?

*Queen actually has a song called All God's Children which was from the Innuendo album. 

Rule with your heart and live with your conscience
We're all God's people give freely
Make welcome inside your homes
Let us be thankful, He's so incredible

I will let you voice your opinions on whether you think this song lends itself to the gay culture.


  1. I'm sorry some of "your music" got dogged on. But don't take it too personally. I think this guy wasn't trying to put you down. I really think he was trying to share his opinion in a non-threatening way.

    I do agree with you that his biases will keep him from being able to experience many of life's greatest joys, but to be fair, we ALL have biases. Music, food, cultures, sexuality, body art, etc.

    As much as it may seem like I don't support you on this, I have to say I am at least respectful of his willingness to put his comments out there. I'd much rather "know my enemy" than think a person a true friend and find out later I've been deceived by half-truths and silent disapproval.

    All that said, I think I better listen to some more Queen and see if some of the deeper tracks hold much meaning for me. I'm grossly ill-prepared to speak on their body of work! :)

  2. Just don't let it turn you gay. ;)