Apr 1, 2011

The Torture Rack

It is no secret that I love professional wrestling.

This is no April Fool's Joke either. I really like wrestling. I like the story lines, I like the action, I just like the whole package. Yeah, I know it can be downright stupid and it can be cheesy too. But that is all part of the package.

That isn't a smile on her face. She is in a lot of pain!*

Here is picture of Kristy succumbing to the power of Lex Luger's Torture Rack.

Yeah, I want to be a wrestler too.

*that is an April Fool's Joke


  1. Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?

    24-inch pythons!

    Mean Gene!

    I still think Sgt Slaughter had to be my dad and that he was just pretending to work for Sears all those years. Google an image of him and compare with my dad around the same time ... spittin' image I tell ya! :)

  2. My mom would be so proud - she's a huge wrestling fan (don't ever say that wrestling is fake or choreographed - she'll have a fit!) Love the picture of you and Kristy!