Apr 22, 2011

Friday Flashback: At the Anhder House

This must have been taken at the same time as these ones that I blogged about earlier. I still get a kick out of finding these old slides.

This must be the Girl's Table.


And this must be the Boy's Table. You know, the cooler one?

Jeremy and I look a little guilty. Like we were caught doing something mischevious.

And the girls found it funny that we were in trouble!

Mark and Susie with Emily.


  1. Wow!! These photos are amazing! I totally remember the way our grandparents' house used to look - this brought back a flood of memories! Man, how old were we then? 5, 6 years old?! Amazing!

  2. Cool pics! Although the one of Mark looks not that different from how I looked just a few years ago ... so I am wondering if my hair will be doing the same thing soon? He's all thin and stuff there too!

    Good memories of meals with Grandma and Grandpa though! :)