Apr 12, 2011

Sticks and Stones

You have all heard the saying:
Personally, I think that is a load of BULLCRAP.

I think I would rather have some sticks and stones break my bones than hear hurtful words that are filled with hate and bile. My bones will heal but my mind will not let me forget.

I am human. I know that is no excuse but I am a human that is trying hard to be better. I have been a slave to scuttlebutt, there have been times where I have indulged myself in backbiting.

It is not a good thing. I know it, you know it. I have tried to stop and I think to some degree I have. I am better than I have been before. But I need to stop this completely if I am to expect others to do the same.

Yeah, you guessed it, something must have happened to make me blog about this. Yeah, I did hear some pretty harsh things that were said about me. Now I don't know the exact words that was used and I don't know the situation that it was used in. Regardless, it still stung and it definitely has given me pause. It has made me reflect on my own actions. I hope that I have not offended anyone with what may have spewed forth from my mouth. I sincerely apologize if I have, it is not my intent to hurt.

We all have opinions on how others live and what they do with their lives. I get that. I know I have my own view on things and that doesn't mean that they are right (even though I think they are). They are just opinions.

I'll get over it. I'll forgive whoever it was that said these things. They are just his/her opinions is all. But until that happens these two words come to mind:

Thanks Bart Simpson!

Real mature right? But if that is what you really think of me than these words do apply. I don't care what you think and I don't care what you opinions are. While they initially hurt, that pain will go away as long as I can deal with it and move on.

I am not going to let your opinions get me down. As long as I am being good with my wife and children and with my God, I am not going to let this get to me. I know I am not going to please everyone and I know not everyone is going to like me and what I am doing and they essentially might think I am the wrong person for whatever.

Well guess what?  I am not going to concern myself with you. I am only concerned with my standing with my wife, children and God.

Now I cannot leave such a heavy blog without something funny. I about spit out my Skittles when I found this gem! And I promise tommorrow's blog will be a happier one.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you have been the victim of recent backbiting - it totally sucks! But I admire your take on this issue, your attitude with how to handle it (a perfect mixture of spirituality and humor)! Loved that last image!

  2. Interesting post... I thought I was the only one being judged for the way I live...

  3. On behalf of my dad, I apologize! Just kidding! :)

    Sorry you had some bile spewed forth about you. I am prone to the same kind of stress when I hear about another person's negative opinion of me. But you said it best when you mentioned doing right by your wife, family, and God. How grateful I am that He knows us for who we really are.

    Hope your days have been better since then ...