Apr 26, 2011

Random Ramblings

Celebrating:  I love Easter. It definitely is my favorite holiday. I had a fantastic Easter Sunday. I had to wake up a bit earlier than normal since I had to make it to church before it started to choir practice. I was a little nervous since this song has a ton of high notes that are just a little out of my reach. But with some prayer and some faith I managed to hit my notes. We sang Consider the Lilies and our choir knocked it out of the park! After a fantastic church service we came home and relaxed and ate a wonderful dinner (thanks Kristy) and ate some candy. 

Puppy Love: I am not sure if it is puppy love or not but Logan did something that I am sure will embarrass him when he gets older. So I have to blog about it! Kara, (one of the Young Women) had her tonsils out and she looked downright miserable Sunday. I am sure she was sad that she couldn't sing in the choir but she also looked very uncomfortable. I felt bad for her so I stopped to chat with her and told her that drinking soda is supposed to help. I offered to bring her a Dr. Pepper (since that is who I am) and she smiled and said sure. So after church Kristy, Logan and I put a can of Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper along with a Barq's Red Creme Soda and we tried it in a bow and wrote a small note for her. Logan signed his name and before we left he said that he didn't do it right. So he took it back and made a small change. Instead of an "O" in his name he put a heart! Now I don't know if he did this so the card would look more girlie or if it was something else. It wouldn't surprise me either way since I know he certainly is enamored with them

Color Me Eating: I am looking forward to eating some deviled eggs out of the ones we colored last Saturday night. We have colored eggs for the last couple of years. Logan gets a kick out of doing them and I must say that I kinda do too. We made some real nice ones this year and of course I had to make a New York Jets egg. That has been a tradition since my mission whenever I colored eggs.

Eating Part II: Easter candy is the best candy! My poor tongue and mouth are sore from eating so many SweeTarts!

Listening: I downloaded a new album the other night and I cannot stop listening to it. I really liked the music that accompanied the X-Men: First Class trailer so I googled it and found that it was done by a band called Two Steps From Hell and they had just put out a new CD. I went to iTunes and sampled them and then immediately downloaded it. If you like original movie scores, I definitely recommend getting this album! It gets me in a writing mood.

Writing: I only have a few days left in the ScriptFrenzy competition! I am at 70 pages (you need to do a 100 during the month) and I got to crank out 30 pages. Last Friday I killed Zartan and it was awesome! And I hope to kill Duke by the end of the month. I never liked Duke and when I first plotted this series many, many years ago, he was the first to go! 

Seriously: Yup. When I said I was doing a GI Joe versus Aliens comic, I meant it! 

Feeling Better: Yesterday I was sick as a dog. Cold and hot chills and I must have barfed in every dream I had. Luckily I didn't in real life. I don't know what I ate or what happened. But I am feeling much, much better today. Glad it didn't stick around. I wonder if it was because I ate too much Easter candy.


  1. Random Comments: "Consider The Lilies" is my mom's favorite hymn, and I'm sure you and the rest of the choir did an amazing job! Keep up the great work with your writing! Loved the Easter eggs you all colored!

  2. Consider the Lilies DOES indeed have some high notes for us tenors! One of the two songs we sang for Easter was "God So Loved The World" and if you want to see some high notes that will make you cry check it out sometime! Wicked high ... just like "C The L"

    That song on your blog is super cool too! I love how it builds but remains just music throughout. So many scenes I could see being set to that score. Awesome stuff cousin!