Jan 17, 2011

Boo Hoo Brady!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I know I have a ton of words after watching last night's Jets win over the hated Pats. Don't get me wrong, I respect the Pats and I respect Brady. But I was so proud watching him throw that first pick and get sacked hard 5 times.

I am still on a euphoric high. It is still a dream. Funny thing is that when the Jets scored that last touchdown with about two minutes in the game I got a call from a friend of mine. Last weekend he and his wife were in a terrible sledding accident (he broke his leg horribly) and I have been to the hospital to administer a blessing and have been taking care of some of their needs. Well, he called me in tremendous pain and said that he needed help right then for a blessing. So I hopped off my couch and ran to get my shoes when he said in his sick voice "I am only kidding. Congrats on the win." Funny guy...


  1. Even though I don't know much about football I am so happy that your Jets are going to the Super Bowl! The Patriots have had more than their fair share of Super Bowl wins, so kudos to the Jets for winning!

  2. The Jets are not in it yet. One more game and the Jets play in the Superbowl.