Jan 5, 2011

Yellow Submarine

I don't know which is worse. Putting up all the Christmas decorations or taking them all down?

We have a ton of Christmas decorations and while I don't have a problem with that, I do have a problem with how we pack it all back together. Every time I think I have a handle on it, I find a new pile of stuff that has to be put away. But what really irks me is that everything fit the Christmas before! We only have maybe one extra decoration to pack away. How can that small little ornament cause such a packing logistics nightmare?

Every year Logan gets a new ornament. This time Santa choose to give Logan this:

Can you tell what it is? If you can't look at the topic dummy!

Lately Logan has really taken a shine to singing and to music. Nothing warms my soul more than hearing him play some games on the computer singing along with the likes of Alice Cooper and AC/DC. At first he also disliked music in school but now he has taken a liking to that. He also will join me in singing when I have to practice for a musical number in choir. He learned about the Beatles in his class and they sang Yellow Submarine.

I am so glad that he likes music. I could have a new partner in crime!


  1. Brilliant observation about Christmas decorations and the whole issue of not having room to pack them up! One of those unsolved mysteries!

    I'm glad that schools are teaching children about things that really matter, like The Beatles!!

  2. Okay ... packing is WAY easier ... but you have to plan ahead. I am a bit anal but it makes things SO much easier. I have painter's tape on each box/ornament with a number that corresponds with the BIG box it goes in. Then all I have are a series of small puzzles to put together. And your wife's blog said she LOVES puzzles so take advantage of that and it'll be a win-win! :)