Jan 1, 2011

C'mon 2011... Make My Year!

HAPPY 2011!

I hope everyone has a better, a more successful and healthy year. I am looking forward to this year and making new resolutions. Looking back at 2010, I can say that I had somewhat a successful year and I owe it to this blog. Who would have thought that writing this blog would have made me a better person?

I have some new resolutions that I want to complete this year. But I am not ready to share them just yet. Sometime this week I will blog about it. I recommend this to my fellow bloggers. Knowing that there are people who read this blog, I feel that I HAVE to walk that aisle and get in the ring. It felt that I should be accountable for what I blog about. It is also good to review what you have done and make some tweaks.

All I know for now is that this blog will stay around and will stay current. At least 5 days a week.

And I will have more pictures too.

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