Jan 13, 2011

The Jets?

When it comes to the NFL the question I get asked the most is "Why the Jets?"

Now the Jets are not my first favorite football team, that would be the Green Bay Packers. I liked the Packers because of the old school uniforms, I liked them because of Sterling Sharpe, I liked them because they traded for a fun gunslinger named Brett Favre, I liked them because they traded for the Minister of Defense Reggie White, and I liked them because of the old ball coach Vince Lombardi.

So how did I end up being a Jets fan?

I have always liked voting for the underdog and the Jets were a horrible team back in the early nineties. But it was an experience on my LDS Mission to New York that solidified me into being a Jets fan. I was serving in the Flushing, Queens area. I was with my second companion Elder Nez and we were over at a member's home for dinner after church.

NOVEMBER 14th 1993
Afterwards we all (including Beyung) were invited to Mike’s house to eat and relax.  Mike’s dad did not want all of us over and he was kinda mad that all of us were there.  He did not want to be disturbed while watching the Giants/Jets game. This is not the first time we have been invited to Mike's house much to the chagrin of his dad. Usually I would peek into the living room to check out the scores but we always left Mike's dad alone.  He was very cranky when we all arrived so we all scurried to the kitchen for cover, except for me. I stayed momentarily to see the scores before hastily retreating into the kitchen.

Then we heard his dad yell and I knew I must have overstayed my brief welcome. Mike went into the living room to see what was the matter and come to find out,  Mike’s dad wanted to know where that one missionary was.  He wanted to know where I was!  Mike came and got me and we entered the living room to see what his dad wanted.  He looked over at me and said “Are you going to stand there or are you going sit here and watch the game with me?”  We were all flabbergasted!  A missionary was personally invited to sit on the same couch and watch the game with him. That was unbelievable!  I sat down next to him and I was nervous.

He looked over and said, “Who are you for?  The Giants or the Jets?” I did not know what to say so I looked over at the television and I saw that Ronnie Lott was on the Jets team. (I guess he was traded while I was on my mission.)  I replied “I like the Jets!”  I must have picked the right team because he muttered “Damn Giants.  I hate them!”  He looked over at me as if he wanted me to say the same thing so I did. From now on, I will always be a fan of the Jets.  Mike announced that dinner was ready and I was getting up when his dad yelled out "Hey bring us our plates. He is eating with me!" Mike was stunned.  Mike told me later that his dad has never spoken personally to a missionary and that this was a first time and that I should be flattered.  I was flattered and a bit frightened also.  After the game was over Mike’s dad left to go take a nap upstairs, before he wanted to know if I would watch the Jets game with him next Sunday.  I said sure out of respect and fear and a little bit of excitement!
And that is how I became a fan of the New York Jets. I have followed them ever since that day. No one can accuse me of jumping on the bandwagon because they were so horrible then.


  1. That's the best reason I've ever heard for being a football fan, much less a follower of any particular team! Now I know why you've stuck with them for so long despite all the woeful years, etc.

    Very fun to read! :)

  2. Awesome post... I kinda like the Jets now because you are a fan of theirs! :)