Jan 15, 2011

Upon Further Review: Divisional Playoffs

This weekend's Divisional games are definitely divisional since the Ravens/Steelers and Jets/Patriots have already played twice this season. I find that these games are the most entertaining of the playoffs. You have teams that get on a roll and get hot and then you also find which teams are really impostors and have had a little luck with the rolling of the dice. Each game should be quite entertaining and I am definitely looking forward to them. I have a ton of Mountain Dew all ready to go!

Baltimore at Pittsburgh:
Each team that played on the road is the one that won and that may just continue here. The Ravens finally found their offense last week and they will keep the Steelers busy. The Steelers home field is not as intimidating as it has been the last few years and the Ravens have already won there once before. This will be a tough slug fest with the Ravens winning late.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Green Bay at Atlanta:
Unlike the earlier game, this will be all offensive and it will come down to whoever stops the other team first. The Packers are the hottest team in the playoffs. I like this match up for the Packers and if QB Aaron Rodgers gets on a roll, the Packers will be hard to stop. But the Falcons running game should have the Packers worried. The Packers will make the first stop.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Seattle at Chicago:
This all depends on which Jay Cutler shows up. The Seahawks have nothing to lose and they are feeling mighty after slaying the Superbowl Champions. This will be a tougher game than the Bears like and it will come down to special teams.
Winner: Chicago Bears

New York Jets at New England:
Man is this getting ugly. The Jets are putting their money where their mouth is and it will be interesting to see if they can play it out. I have a feeling that this go around, the Jets are a little more humbled (as much as they can be with Rex Ryan) and they will not lose like they did last time. And for the last couple of years when the Pats come to the playoffs for the big games they lose. I am calling an upset here, I gotta go with my Jets!
Winner: New York Jets

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