Jan 7, 2011

Upon Further Review: Wildcard Weekend!

The end of the NFL season sure snuck up on me. In fact I totally forgot about it. I didn't blog my picks for the final week of the regular season. I have blogged about the NFL for 33 weeks straight and I forgot about the last week! 

I am so embarrassed....

Oh well. At least I remembered Wildcard Weekend! 

New Orleans at Seattle:
History was made, the Seattle Seahawks made the playoffs without a winning record. History could be made again. But it won't. Seattle will be tough to play especially at home but the Saints want to prove to everyone that they are still the Superbowl Champions.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

New York Jets at Indianapolis:
I don't think the Jets figured in facing the Colts so early in the playoffs. But if you are to slay a monster, you might as well do it right in the beginning. The Colts will be a handful but I think the Jets can be just as much as an issue for the Colts. The Jets loaded up in the offseason to be able to take care of the Colts in the playoffs. These are not your daddy's Colts.
Winner: New York Jets

Baltimore at Kansas City:
Oh boy. This could be quite the slugfest. You have to give Coach Haley props for making the Chiefs contenders so quickly. I do think that the Ravens have more talent but with the young Chiefs team playing at home, they certainly will not be pushovers. This will be a tight one but the Ravens will win the game... ...barely.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Green Bay at Philadelphia:
This could be quite the entertaining shootout. The Eagles should have won that final game against Dallas and I believe that will ultimately hurt them. The Packers are soaring and have all the confidence to go to Philly and put a hurt on the Eagles.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

So history will be made. The road teams for all four games will come away the winner. At least I hope so.

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  1. Matt
    I read all you say.. Why aren't you doing this stuff on t.v.??? you would be better than what they say.. We sure have different thoughts with this stuff. I choose winners by the animal they have as their mascot..example would a bear eat a dolphin and so on. that and I choose my favorite colors. Love the uniforms when the pants are shiny and tight.. BAD GRANNY BAD. thanks for your insight I love you.