Jan 9, 2011

Logan: The Good Omen

I have to say that I am very, very lucky to have Logan. Since the moment he was born he has been a good omen. Even though he splashed me when he was born, he has been a good thing in my life.

The first night, after he was born, I spent the evening at the hospital. I held him as I watched the New York Jets defeat the New England Patriots for the AFC East Title.

Fast forward 8 years (or so) and another big Logan milestone was on the same day as a big game for the Jets. Yesterday, on January 8th, Logan was baptized.

He was a little nervous. That might be putting it a little mildly, he was pretty nervous. He wouldn't be quiet all morning until we got to the church. And then he zipped up tighter than the white jumper I had to wear. I am sure he became even more nervous when he had to share the dressing room with two other boys and two other dads. But we got dressed in our white jumpers and made it to the chapel and sat on the front row. I can tell he was still nervous. My jumper was a little tight, I had to suck in my gut the whole time and I had to get up slowly from sitting since that thing rode up a road that is not travelled much. I know, I know, too much information. I am sorry but I want to remember this special experience.

"Hurry! Take the picture before my gut explodes!"

Some of my family took part in the program. Logan asked Grandma Breinholt to play a special musical number on the piano and it was beautiful. It certainly set the tone for the meeting. Aunt Lynn was asked to give a talk about the Holy Ghost and she did so well. I am not sure if she was nervous or if she was a little emotional but I have never heard Lynn speak so softly (it is not like she yells all the time or anything like that). The talks were perfect and then it was time for Logan to be dunked.

When I was baptized, I had to go under three times! I wore a belt that was way too long and it kept coming to the surface when my dad baptized me. Logan didn't have a belt with his jumper and we practiced a ton of times beforehand. But according to Aaron and Gregg, Logan didn't make it the first time. His knee poked out of the water so I had to do it again. Logan is definitely my son alright!

I whispered to him that we did a test run and we did it again and got it right. Afterwards we dressed (again nervously in a crowded dressing room) and we went to another room for the confirmation. I am so blessed and so glad that Logan chose me to do both. The confirmation went very well, I could feel the Spirit. I am so proud of my special little guy.

After the confirmation, Bishop Hebdon asked Kristy if she would bare her testimony. That didn't surprise me at all, I think the Bishopric likes to get Kristy to bear her testimony. Then the Primary President spoke to Logan and then the Bishop concluded the meeting after he spoke a few words. My Bishop always says the perfect things. I asked his Aunt Sherry to say the closing prayer and then we met over at our church to have some lunch.

I love pictures of people eating.


Renae looks so happy eating.

Such cute nieces and nephews.

Breinholt Relief Society.

The Bishop and his illegal family (not sure I want to blog this inside joke, I don't want him to get into trouble!) came along with my dad and his family, Jennifer and her family, my mom and most of Kristy's family.

I am very grateful for my family and my extended (in-laws) family. They treat me so good and they are always so supportive. It was a perfect day. Mom and Dad came over for a short visit and Renae and Gregg came over (so Renae had a place to feed Ty) and it was nice to sit and relax and chat. We made a quick impromptu visit to get some Aggie Ice Cream and then we came home to watch the Jets game.

A perfect ending to a perfect day. The Jets did win in the last seconds of the game, so yes, Logan is a good omen for me. But I would trade all the Jet victories to have a special day like this with him and my family again.


  1. How special for both you, Logan and Kristy. It is so neat to be able to baptize your son (and as a mom to see that special ordinance take place). Congrats Logan!!!

  2. A truly awesome, spiritual, uplifting blog post! I enjoyed reading about Logan's baptism and am proud of him and you!