Feb 18, 2011

Friday Flashback!

This new scanner gives me the perfect excuse to do some blogging. I have started scanning in the old slides that my dad found and I am going to share them here on the blog every Friday.

These bunch of slides/pictures are some of my all-time favorites. This is a picture of all the existing cousins on my mom's side of the family. It was taken in the back of Grandma and Grandpa Anhder's house in their beautiful backyard.

This must have been frustrating for our parents in trying to get all the kids to look and smile at the same time. And especially with an old camera so you don't even know if you got a good one or not! This is the best of the three that I found on these slides. You can tell a lot about the kids from this picture. I like to pose (and I will let you in on a secret at the end of this blog as to why I am posed like I am). I love how Brad is in the background, how Jaimee is folding her arms (apparently a pro at picture time) and how Angie is laughing.

Here is the same pic only this time the color has been restored.

The only one that is still posing is Brad and I.

Retouched again.

At least our parents got half of us ready for the picture!

Jennifer, Emily, Angie, Wyatt, Katie Jo, Misty, Matt, Jeremy, Jaimee, Josh, Wes, Blake with Brad in the background. I think I got it right, feel free to correct me.

I do like both versions of each slide. The retouched pictures definitely add some detail to the picture. But the untouched ones adds a certain old-school look to them. More than likely I will scan both types.

So why am I posing like that? Two words.

Forbidden Crush.

I had a major crush on my cousin Katie Jo. Notice that I am standing right beside her? That is no coincidence. And I thought I would pose with my hands on my hips to look tough and serious. And I made sure I held this pose in every take so she would know how good I was. Yeah, I was trying to impress her.

I had a old school picture of hers that I used to take to school with me when I was living in Canada. I would show all the boys and claim that she was my American girlfriend. I cannot believe that I just admitted that. I know that I am not the only one who has had a crush on their cousin. Don't judge me!


  1. Oh my word!! I just had the biggest fit of giggles over these pictures. I love it!!! If it makes you feel any better about your crush, I will fess up that I at one time had a mad crush on Brad and... and.... you. Dangit, Matt!! ;) Hope you feel better. Your awesome pose here may not have worked on Kati Jo but it sure worked on me!! :P

  2. I love this picture of all of us cousins! And I remember why Brad was in the background, alone. He was upset because he and I had been dumping cups of water on some cows near the fence and Brad didn't want to stop and pose in this group picture!

    Anyway, I don't judge you at all for having a crush on Kati Jo - let's face it, we have some really beautiful cousins!

  3. Hi Matt
    I was taking pictures with my camera right along with your dad. They are gone and I am sure thrown away at the ranch. It was very nice to see them and that the ones your dad took are still around. I have such great memories of you all when the kids were small and the trips to Grandpa/ma Anhders home and enjoying the apple trees and yard
    Thanks..I will be sure to copy this and send to Kati.