Jun 29, 2011

Birthday Aftermath

Another year older and closer to death.

According to DeathClock (you can find out when you are to die by clicking on the link)

Aside from that sunny disposition, I otherwise had a fantastic day.

I really appreciate all the phonecalls, e-mails and Facebook contacts that I got throughout the day. You guys really made my birthday special.

I started by going to work and then a few hours later Kristy and Logan took me to Angie's for breakfast. Angie's is a local diner that serves some of the best food in the valley. I love going there for breakfast, I have never been disappointed in their food and service. I got a broccoli and Jack cheese omelet with hollandaise sauce (I know, surprisingly healthy right?) and then Logan told the waitress that it was my birthday and she came back with some other girls in tow and a HUGE cinnamon roll. Now I admit, the reason I went there for my birthday was to get this large free cinnamon roll but I kinda forgot that they would sing. I told them that they didn't have to sing and then they said then I wouldn't get the cinnamon roll to which I replied, "then you will get no tip." That didn't work, they sang to me anyway. But it was worth it to get that warm cinnamon bun.

I went back to work and then my dad took me out to lunch at Quizno's. I didn't have to eat for the rest of the day! After a nice lunch with my dad's I went home and decided to go out for a run. Unfortunately the run was not as great as I wanted it to be. My knee still smarts whenever I push off of it. I tried my best but the discomfort was getting to me. This knee is bumming me out. I managed to run the last two blocks when suddenly I heard this tiny girl voice yell out "Happy Birthday!" It was Hannah, one of my Primary girls. I had no idea she knew it was my birthday. Her parents saw me and wished me a happy birthday as well, my name must have been on our Church newsletter. But who remembers the birthdays?

After my run, my mom came over to surprise me. And you know what she gave me? A case of Cherry Coke. So yeah, I must have an addiction if one of my birthday gifts is soda! We had a nice visit and then Kristy and Logan came home.

That evening we took Logan over to his school for a Bike Rally put on by our scouts. I have a real great neighborhood with some fantastic neighbors. And it was nice to be wished a happy birthday by them all. One of them said it must be hard turning 32. Boy that was nice to hear. I told her my real age and she was surprised and then she made fun of me because I am older than her. The rally was a lot of fun, Logan tied for first place. Afterwards we all ate Otter Pops and Amber (our Bishop's wife) gave me a ton of Otter Pops as a  birthday gift. Hmm... this is an alarming addicting trend.

We came home after visiting and chatting and I got my birthday cake. It was not a cake exactly, it was these very yummy chocolate cream cheese cupcakes with peanut butter and chocolate chips in them. Like I said, very yummy indeed. While we were eating Kristy realized that they did not sing to our neighbor Kara for her birthday last Sunday. We had talked with her a few days ago and found that since her brother Jordan left on his mission the day before her birthday she was unfortunately left out. She didn't do anything fun and felt kinda bummed. So I thought it would be nice to grab one of my cupcakes, put a candle in it and go over. I am sure glad we did. She was there with a lot of the other Young Women and we were about to sing to her when she ran inside to light it. After we sang to her she told us that no one had sung to her this year for her birthday. And then the Young Women sang to me for my birthday.

So all in all, I had a very nice birthday.


  1. I'm glad you had a good birthday! Sounds like it was great! And how cool is it that someone thought you were turning 32?! I love it when people think I'm younger than I actually am!

  2. Matt, you are really a nice person, you know? I'm glad you had a great birthday, and impressed at how you always think of others, too. However, you said your "knee" was "bummed"? Are your body parts anatomically correct? HA! Love ya, Auntie J

  3. LOL at my mom's comment!

    You are really nice though to be thinking about another person on your own birthday. Way to be cousin!

  4. Dec 20, 2047... Apparently, you die of a broken heart!