Jun 27, 2011

Freaky Eaters

I have a new addiction and it is ironic that it is a show about food addictions. It is called Freaky Eaters and it is on the The Learning Channel and it is like a bad car wreck. You are curious and so you take a peek and now you cannot look away.

The past three Sunday evenings after Logan goes to bed, Kristy and I will watch this show. There are some strange addictions, people who only eat french fries, people who consume gallons of maple syrup, there is a lady that eats tarter sauce with EVERYTHING.



From jello to cupcakes.

Watching this show got me thinking. Am I addicted to certain foods? I don't think I am. I compare myself to these poor people and I don't think that I am addicted. At least not to the point to where these people are. But am I just on a slippery slope? So what things am I possibly addicted too?

4) I Cannot Believe It's Not Butter

Or some sort of spread that is like it. I can eat this with everything and I am afraid to admit that I do. When I had a bottle of the spray version, I sprayed it on my Pringles. And I sprayed it on my Mac & Cheese. Uh oh, I may have a problem. But then it has been months since I had any. But if I did, I would eat it with everything. Hmmm... I better be careful with this stuff.

3) Chocolate 

Now I don't eat chocolate everyday but I definitely crave it and I think that if there was some chocolate in front of me now I would eat it. But I don't go out of my way to get some. I guess that I am lucky that I am more slothful. Who would have thought that being slothful would be a good thing?

2) Otter Pops

I can go through a box in a day easily. We bought some Saturday night and by this morning half the box is gone. And if I had it my own way, I would have polished them off already. But I would feel bad that Logan didn't get any. So if I am thinking of my own kid before me, I guess I am not addicted. I will eat any type of Popsicle.

1) Soda

I could give this up but I just don't want to. This is probably my biggest addiction but it is one that I think I can control. In fact, I used to drink a ton of this stuff. At least 4-5 cans a day and now I am down to 1 can of  sugared soda a day. I could quit but I personally believe that everything is good in moderation. As long as I am not abusing it, I should be good.

But that show definitely got me thinking...


  1. Wow! Remind me to not watch that show, because I have a feeling I would either become obsessed with it or I'd end up becoming paranoid about my eating habits. Heck, I am a Freaky Eater (the guy who has been eating Golden Crisp cereal for 25 years!)

  2. I laughed when I got to Otter Pops because I felt like you were speaking right to me! I'm too lazy to freeze the otter pops so they hold little sway for me most of the time ... but now that you can get a whole box of banana popsicles I am in trouble! I'd eat the whole thing (24 total) in one sitting if I knew it wouldn't make me super sick.

    Fun post!

  3. I discovered Freaky Eaters just last week! That show is great! Did you see the ice cream bar lady??