Jun 22, 2011

The Heat

Ugh. I hate the heat.

Sorry Lebron but it is true.

I feel like Elaine here. My gosh! The heat!

And not only that, my body cannot handle the heat.

Yesterday was practically a blur. I rode my bike to work and came home and ate a lunch and then it all went downhill from there. I got sick to my stomach, I was hot and didn't have any strength. I felt dizzy and the only thing that sounded good (I had no appetite and I was not thirsty) was closing my eyes.

And this is not the first time this has happened. I get heat exhaustion all the time. I got it Friday night walking around SummerFest, I got it while at a family reunion, I got it severely when I was helping Kristy mark a 5K course many years ago and I got it last year at Girl's Camp.

Every time I get over it, I say to myself that I will make sure that I drink liquids and stay cool so it doesn't happen to me again. And then it happens and I refuse to fix myself up. Last night I was sick again but I refused to drink anything. Kristy had to go and get me a cold Gatorade and I still didn't want to drink it. But about an hour later I was feeling a bit better.

I swear that last night will be the last. But I am sure that it won't. Hopefully I won't get it while I am at Girl's Camp here in a couple of heats.

I just hate the heat. And that has to be the first reason why I don't want to go to hell!


  1. This post was totally "Hot"! Don't you love my pun?! Yeah, me neither! Anyway, I hope you don't have any more heat exhaustion episodes! And speaking of episodes, I loved the clip from this Seinfeld episode!!

  2. Deceptively good post! Here I thought you were actually going to talk about the Miami Heat. Either way it would have been a great post! Excellent #1 reason for avoiding Hell. :)