Jun 16, 2011

Rise Above (the clutter)

I have been listening to the Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark non-stop yesterday and today. I found a place online where you can listen to the whole album for free. Sure it is cheesy but I am cheesy so this is right up my alley.

While listening to this I was surfing the Internet and decided to make myself useful. I am still in that strange dejunking mood so I decided to part with the rest of my CDs. I sold a whole bunch months ago but I kept a lot of them, I just couldn't part with them.

No longer. I have sold almost all of them. And the reasoning is that I have not looked at them since I sold my last set. I have them all in my iTunes, I also made a copy of them and I have them in my backup too. So it is not like I would lose them forever. They are just taking up space and I am positive I can use the money I make for something else. I am still holding on to my Queen collection and I justified myself in keeping them. I have looked at the CD inserts recently to look at the art and pictures and to figure out some lyrics. But that is all of them.

I sell my CDs (you can sell games and DVDs as well) to two different places. One offers free shipping (you print out a shipping label) and the other will credit you when they pay you out for your shipping costs. Now you may not make a lot of money selling them back. In fact some CDs they have so many of that they will only offer a quarter or even a nickel. But I look at it this way, these CDs are taking up space and I never use them. So why have them? I might as well get something right?


I recommend clicking on the banner above to visit SecondSpin first. And then open up a new window/tab and go to Spun.com and compare the prices. It is interesting but you will find that one place will buy a CD for 50 cents and the other will buy it for $8!

And already I don't regret getting rid of this stuff.


  1. Great idea!! I have been working on getting all of my CDs onto my computer (and ultimately onto my iPod) and it makes sense to sell the CDs - there really is no reason to keep them if you have the music stored elsewhere! And any money earned is better than nothing!

  2. I suppose I will never get rid of my CDs. You make compelling arguments to do so, but there is still just something about "stumbling across a supposedly lost CD" that appeals to me. I am sure I will/would feel differently if I had ALL my music in the same place (iPOD, iTUNES, or even a Zip drive) ... but I doubt it. So instead I'll just say "You're Welcome!" because it is consumers like me who are still buying "used" CDs from folks like you. You're welcome! :)