Jun 9, 2011


Sorry folks. I am going to be talking about comic books here.

It is well known that I am a geek. Part of being a geek is also loving charts, databases and keeping track of things. The past few days I have been reworking an old Access database that keeps track of all my comics. I was curious to see how many comics I have sold and that led to forming another database and going through mycomicshop.com (where I do a lot of reselling) to see find all the comics that I have owned at one point. Hours and hours later I think I have a final number. Now this is not exact but it is pretty close and I as a geek, am satisfied.

The grand number? I have sold 3,070 comics.

Now that only begs the question. How many comics do I have? I am not sure how many I have (that is another geek project coming soon) but I know that it is 3,070 comics less than it used to be. My goal is to have a collection that is all exceptional. No crap, no stuff that I won't read in decades. Basically, no filler. Just all good stuff.

Speaking of comics. I just found out that Marvel is cancelling its longest running comic, the Uncanny X-Men. The last issue will be #544 but it will come back with a new #1. This is definitely a marketing ploy and I am not happy purely from a geek standpoint. My first issue of Uncanny X-men was #200 and I have bought each issue since. I have a copy (in comic book, hardcover, trade paperback) from issue #94. And now that grand run is finished. I think I must be getting old and grumpy.

And speaking of the X-Men. Kristy and I went and saw X-Men: First Class opening day. I was going to go at midnight but I just didn't think I could do it. So we went to the 2nd showing that Friday. I don't want to spoil the movie for those that have not seen it but I will say that it was awesome! I loved everything about it and it gives X2 (my all-time favorite comic book movie) a run for its money. This geek left the movie house completely satisfied. It was pure joy to see my favorite X-Man, Banshee, screaming and flying around.

Now I am geeked out and need a rest.


  1. I forgot to mention in my review that I thought the Banshee character was so cool!! I also forgot that you had mentioned him being one of your favorite characters! I'm glad you liked the movie! It was really awesome!

  2. That is a LOT of comics ... period. The fact that you have SOLD that many is a little frightening ... but to each their own.